so i went to this party...

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by music_is_peace1989, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. I recently went to a friend's birthday party and had the time of my life! Great friends, food, ale and new interesting people I got to meet including this one girl...

    Lets say her name is Piper. She's about a year older than myself and has recently separated from her husband due to wanting to "experiment".
    I found all of this out by talking to one of my friends there who kinda hinted towards me to befriend her.

    Throughout the party I conversed with her and she's pretty awesome. Loves music, super sweet and very nice to be around. There seemed to be a little flirtation going on, we even traded beers to see what each others tasted like. When I had to leave, the first thing out of her mouth was, "Are you on Facebook? ". I have to say it felt pretty awesome because right before she asked, I was about to say it.

    So here lies the questions:

    1. I think maybe I'm over thinking this...was there a connection?
    2. If not, she DID recently separate from her husband. Is it too soon?
    3. How should I approach talking to her? I know we bonded well at the party, but I'm always so unsure of how girls think about me.

    Thanks for anyone who can help!!!
  2. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    1. You're excited. Good for you. =] There could have been a connection, definitely sounds like it, but lover or friendship connection probably way too early to tell. You're both keen, good sign.
    2. I'd be weary of a women who divorced her husband to simply "experiment". Doesn't sound like she has too many long term plans. This could be a good thing if you're looking for fun.
    3. Straight away. I wouldn't hesitate at all. Nothing to lose. Both seem keen. I'd be asking her out to dinner. Think like a man, get her in bed. =p
  3. Thanks, Irminsul! I think I will try and grow a pair and ask her!

    Oh and just a side note, she wrote on her FB today that she's super lonely and wish it would stop. How could I respond to that without it being weird?

    Sorry if I seem dim, I'm super new to the dating world....
  4. Girllover

    Girllover Guest

    Maybe you could just pm her, ask her whatsup, just being casual? Try to get a first meeting with her, because from what you're telling, she might be straight and maybe not into girls?
  5. Thanks for the feedback, Girllover! And to your question, she is experimenting with girls. I know for a ready that she has already.
  6. andrew45

    andrew45 Member

    sex she wants sex . go go go .
  7. Gaypride13

    Gaypride13 Guest

    I would ask her out for coffee, some where public. Hopefully the two of you can talk and get to know each other better. If you want to be blunt, ask her what is she looking for? Friendship? Sex? Relationship? You also have to know what you are looking for with anyone. Cheers

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