So, I Married an Axe Mur...

Discussion in 'Comedy Movies' started by GoodGuy121, Sep 21, 2013.

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    That was such a fantastic movie! It was released 20 years ago this year but I'll always think it's one of the most incredible romantic comedies of all time. Mike Meyer played a beat-poet who struggled to make a living performing his love poems on stage in the early 1990's. He falls in love with a spirited female butcher and a lot of the movie is about their deep yet goofy relationship. The rest is mostly very entertaining and funny. Like the fact that Mike Meyer also plays his elderly comical Scottish father, or how his girlfriend's sister is completely unpredictable and unusual. It's one of my favorites!
  2. I havent seen this one in ages, but its a classic

    "Cos they put an addictive chemical in it that makes you crave it ...fort-night-ly" then he calls his son and arsehole or something after it.

    Context, thats not funny on its own, you had to be there.

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