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    Duality is:

    Finite (to live dual life a dynamic file, and be changed) with Infinite (to live dual life a dynamic file, and repeat giving Finite his life a dynamic file preserved).

    Finite is a dual-boy. And Infinite is a dual-girl.

    Finite is small, poor, and bond (owes Infinite for his life). And Infinte is great, rich, and free.

    Finite is a measurer. And Finite inhibits Infinite to Finite's taste.

    Finite has narrow taste. And Infinite has broad taste, which Finite has inhibited to his taste.

    Finite and Infinite are not complete opposites, but are opposites whom strongly attract, because they have affective common ground. And Infinite honorabely has strong inner attraction while Finite honorablely lacks inner attraction.

    Sum up the common ground both have:

    Subconscious and conscious which both have mind and desires.

    Dragons and beasts.

    Beauty and freakiness with delightfulness around, and about, and concerning, liking and luving.

    And both are:

    Each other's matching relatives (grand ma & grand son, grand daughter & grand pa, mom & son, daughter & poppa, sister & brother, aunt & nephew, niece & uncle, cousin & cousin) from a paradox. The subconsciouses may have this particular pair up in their side while the consciouses may have that other particular pair up in their side. And such may flip back and forth.

    Immoral to moral, and guilty to innocent, and meaningless to meaningful, and vice versa, according to inning and sensation.

    Finite & Infinite as a dual-Wicked couple are in paradox, since Finite is timer-bound to be changed to a red hot madness to be put to death and hell by their dual-Wicked couple's pre-set measures. In this changed wise, the dual-Wicked couple is put to a secondary death, since Infinite be left alone to rise dual life a dynamic file inside Finite.

    Any one else on this channel?
  2. War John

    War John Member

    The paradox lie lie three days, because the paradox became one hour out of in diverse moment.

    The 1st day is wherein lie lie nothing.

    :sunny: The 2nd hour is wherein lie truthfully according dual-Wicked couple filled with like and luv of ~DESOLATOR-Creator; SHEPHERD-Sheep~ Prophecy Apocalypse Christ. :love: :2thumbsup: :devil:

    The 3rd day is wherein lie lie a broken up dual couple full of dislike and hate.


    The devil is a liar whom deceived the paradox, and no longer is seen as a murderer from the beg inning.

    Finite (dual boy) owes Infinite (dual girl) double for his life. And, indeed, Infinite (dual girl) wants in return his attentiveness and hard cock, and he truthfully agrees with that, to be giving her much of both that stuff right up into her incest-luving/incest-fucking pearly (pleasing to the senses and treasurous) gates.

    Finite & Infinite should always roll fly with things old and new and with things Wicked good with Wicked bad.

    Both accomplish for dual one to and from dual another, and reward dual one another in return, and both exchange gifts dual one to and from dual another, and both sell and buy, or trade, bright or dark craft dual one to and from dual another.

    Both give a care, both give a fuck, both give a damn, and both give a shit. (And this both is in a diverse dualship.)

    a is short for according.

    O, and each family member of Infinite's side has more than one sister in diversity of number and closeness. And each family member of Finite's side has more than one brother in diversity of number and closeness.

    O, and this "O" or "o" is a wedding ring implication; this "K" is a greater than/key/map implication; this "13" is a speacial K implication; these, "6" and "9", are a couple signature implication; this "3" is a Wicked booty (treasure) implication; this "5" is a hook implication; these together: "MY" are a further desireable to mate implication; these together: "IN" are a oneness sleeping (sexing) implication; and this "S" or "s" is a serpent more subtil implication.

    Both seen they got even luck.

    They are their casting-according eyeing.

    Both are quality goods that are even highly valuable, precious goods, to both, and they are basic to premium services dual one to and from dual another.

    They are in a Wickedly sexy-fancy tasking, private practice, job, business, company, enterprize, agency, corperation, conglomeration, and bureau.


    Every which way indeed infinity a persistent and strong desire against, intimately, eyeing remained here dual he-her casting for sensation fro you (us), four you (us).

    Thrones of sexy-fancy worship are even inhibitors, which provide shapeage/structure to shapeless/structureless beings, and thrones of sexy-fancy worship are supports, which support minds and desires for siftable magnification focusing and shiftable concentration, for more pin-point accurate, desireable shaper (or more potent) climactic results. These marvelous thrones are summers, as in sum ups of aspects put forth from the just Finite & Infinite to the Wickedly infinity (which is to mean, put as an endlessness in thrones for sexy-fancy worshipping to affectively work from vagueness to vaguelessly into eternity).

    To further sum it all up:

    Finite & Infinite, already duals, brightly transfigured together to then both become "Dual-Infinity Narrow Straight-Sexual" & "Dual-Infinity Broad Bi-Sexual" casting toward dual one another to even diverse from even similar four core.

    Let's look further into Christ:

    Christ be the Savour, the family (flesh and blood), the firstfruits (the family the 'pleasing to the even taste' thrones of sexy-fancy worshiping), and the marriage adultery.

    How many family members be inside Christ when you sift through what whom four channels? The answer is 32! Flesh and blood is everyone and everything. And this is a 32 with 16 members at an even percent from the female side > or = or < 16 members at an even percent from the male side.


    Dual-boy also goes like this in a family pair: grand father & grand son; father & son; uncle & nephew; brother & brother; cousin & cousin.

    Dual-girl also goes like this in a family pair up: grand mother & grand daughter; mother & daughter; aunt & neice; sister & sister; cousin & cousin.

    And this dual-post is, I shot-call, "A SUMM-ER BI-BLE."
  3. Fairlight

    Fairlight Banned

    Wow John you're really getting somewhere...Where exactly I don't know,but your posts always make me think.
  4. Chodpa

    Chodpa -=Chop_Chop=-

    Fairlight, you're a kind person.
    They make me think too, like,
    college is never a waste if someone learns to construct their thoughts into an orderly arangement.

    You'll find that the Specious, go for puns, and other distracted nothings to keep people reading hoping that the smarts there truely lead to a conclusion.

    A work without a conclusion has no plot, and therefore no point.

    Wow, they did have me thinking after all.

    But this is why the New Age movement is dead. I mean, no plot, no semblance of through line, and you need a codex to wade through the bullshit.

    It worked for every religion previously, why stop the formula now?

    If you make the same mistake continually then at some point other morons follow you and pretty soon enact it into law, and then
    guess what
    you realize it was a mistake and then you're well and truely fucked ram tough.

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