Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Marlyn, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Marlyn

    Marlyn Member

    Arg I'm so angry at my friend!! and you know why?! because he is such a friggin lier!!! and then he "says" hes all about God and he dumped his girlfriend for God! Fuck! He always does this!!! frig! I swear the only time he is ever fun is in person! I cant stand talking to him (or anyone - cept my mum but thats a long story) on the phone cuz he'll talk for a few minutes then just sit there in silence, often times watching somethng or doing something on the computer and it makes me so angry cuz i HATE phones so much and he KNOWS this yet he continues to phone me!!!

    And tonight wasn't much better! He completly lied flat out about this convo we had earlier that day! basically wut happened was he asked me to go to his commencment which he said was tommorrow - i'll underline that part - and so i say no i have to work, then he signs in later saying how fun commencment was and im like but its tomoro and hes like no its today i told you! and im like no! and sent him the chatlog (which can't be altered cuz i have that feature - oh ya geeks have advantages) and then he said "that was yesterday" (underline that for u to) in other words - i told you yesterday and i hadnt talked to him at all yesterday cuz i never answer the phone and i hadnt talked on msn - again. in the chatlog - and all this was right there on the chatlog in front of him. PROOF AGAINST HIM! this chatlog right here!!: (by the way the kirsten who didnt invite me either is sunburst - tho i've forgiven her...sumwat) the stuff in white doesnt need to be read. note that the dates that are underlined are the SAME

    | Session Start: Thursday, June 03, 2004 |
    | Participants: |
    | ...mercy from boots! (*) ( |
    | ...ople lick frogs to get high:p ( |
    [02:39:38 PM] +o(still s: hey
    [02:39:52 PM] (S) Pray f: hey
    [02:41:56 PM] +o(still s: how r u?
    [02:41:59 PM] +o(still s: did u go to school today?
    [02:42:08 PM] (S) Pray f: no
    [02:42:14 PM] (S) Pray f: cramps....bad....:(
    [02:42:16 PM] (S) Pray f: kill me
    [02:42:30 PM] +o(still s: o i see
    [02:42:43 PM] +o(still s: hey you should come to my commencment

    [02:42:48 PM] (S) Pray f: ok >
    [02:42:49 PM] (S) Pray f: :D
    [02:42:55 PM] (S) Pray f: o...i werl
    [02:42:56 PM] (S) Pray f: werk
    [02:42:58 PM] (S) Pray f: wut time
    [02:43:04 PM] (S) Pray f: i only werk till 10:45
    [02:43:05 PM] +o(still s: 7
    [02:43:08 PM] (S) Pray f: damn
    [02:43:10 PM] +o(still s: lol
    [02:43:15 PM] (S) Pray f: i cant take it off either
    [02:43:18 PM] +o(still s: its commencment
    [02:43:19 PM] +o(still s: lol
    [02:43:22 PM] (S) Pray f: its the opening of harry potter
    [02:43:31 PM] (S) Pray f: its going to be insanly busy
    [02:43:33 PM] +o(still s: i woulda picked you up in a limo and all
    [02:43:34 PM] (S) Pray f: they'll need me
    [02:43:34 PM] +o(still s: lol
    [02:43:49 PM] (S) Pray f: dont get a limo for commencment
    [02:43:54 PM] +o(still s: lol
    [02:43:55 PM] (S) Pray f: commencment is retarded
    [02:43:57 PM] +o(still s: yeah yeah
    [02:44:03 PM] +o(still s: but limos makes you look better
    [02:44:04 PM] (S) Pray f: use ur limo at the prom
    [02:44:04 PM] +o(still s: lol
    [02:44:05 PM] (S) Pray f: lol
    [02:44:08 PM] (S) Pray f: prom posse
    [02:44:11 PM] +o(still s: i'l get one then too

    [02:44:17 PM] +o(still s: and i think i'm getin one tommorow
    [02:59:38 PM] +o(still s: but i dono
    [02:59:39 PM] +o(still s: lol
    [02:59:47 PM] +o(still s: you should come into our dance tommorow
    [02:59:48 PM] +o(still s: lol
    [03:00:29 PM] * (S) Pray for mercy from boots! (*) is now
    [11:03:16 PM] (S) Pray f: wut time is the dance till?

    | Session Start: Thursday, June 03, 2004 |
    | Participants: |
    | ...mercy from boots! (*) ( |
    | specialy the limo... ( |
    [11:27:08 PM] (S) Pray f: ...
    [11:27:14 PM] commencmen: hey!
    [11:27:16 PM] (S) Pray f: ur name confuses me!
    [11:27:25 PM] commencmen: how?
    [11:27:34 PM] (S) Pray f: isnt ur commencment tomoro
    [11:27:40 PM] commencmen: no
    [11:27:43 PM] commencmen: the dance is tommorow
    [11:27:48 PM] (S) Pray f: oh :p lol
    [11:27:48 PM] commencmen: i just went tonight
    [11:27:50 PM] (S) Pray f: crap!!!
    [11:27:52 PM] commencmen: i wanted you to come
    [11:27:53 PM] (S) Pray f: i didnt know!
    [11:28:00 PM] (S) Pray f: i thought u ment that it was toimor
    [11:28:05 PM] (S) Pray f: i wouldve gone!!!
    [11:28:12 PM] commencmen: aww
    [11:28:18 PM] commencmen: and you woulda came in the limo
    [11:28:23 PM] (S) Pray f: u shouldve said it was TONIGHT
    [11:28:43 PM] (S) Pray f: cuz commencment is USUALLY on FRIDAYS
    [11:28:48 PM] (S) Pray f: i blame you
    [11:28:48 PM] commencmen: no
    [11:28:55 PM] commencmen: the dance is on fridays
    [11:28:55 PM] commencmen: lol
    [11:29:02 PM] (S) Pray f: not for my school
    [11:29:08 PM] commencmen: and blame your stupidity
    [11:29:08 PM] commencmen: lol
    [11:29:17 PM] commencmen: or your schools stupidity
    [11:29:29 PM] (S) Pray f: well im not the one who didnt tell carolyn
    wut day it was on
    [11:29:31 PM] (S) Pray f: my gawd
    [11:29:38 PM] (S) Pray f: here i was sleeping

    [11:29:44 PM] commencmen: for setting standards and making there
    students steriotype
    [11:29:45 PM] commencmen: lol
    [11:29:49 PM] (S) Pray f: NOT enoying ANOTHER COMMENCMENT
    [11:29:55 PM] (S) Pray f: kirsten didnt even invite me to hers
    [11:30:24 PM] commencmen: i invited you
    [11:30:29 PM] commencmen: i even said it was tonight
    [11:30:35 PM] commencmen: and your lkie sorry i have to work
    [11:30:47 PM] (S) Pray f: i'm going to go check
    [11:30:52 PM] (S) Pray f: in my HISTORY
    [11:30:57 PM] commencmen: lol
    [11:30:57 PM] commencmen: ok
    [11:34:05 PM] (S) Pray f: U DID NOT!!!

    [11:34:33 PM] (S) Pray f: ACCEPT!
    [11:34:36 PM] Transfer of "" is
    [11:34:43 PM] commencmen: i told you yesterday too
    [11:34:43 PM] commencmen: lol
    [11:34:49 PM] (S) Pray f: no u didnt
    [11:34:56 PM] (S) Pray f: i didnt even talk to u yesterday
    [11:34:59 PM] (S) Pray f: the chatlog proves it
    [11:35:00 PM] commencmen: yeah u did
    [11:35:05 PM] commencmen: or the day before
    [11:35:09 PM] (S) Pray f: THE CHATLOG REMEMBERS ALL
    [11:35:16 PM] (S) Pray f: i didnt talk to u yesterday
    [11:35:16 PM] commencmen: cuz i told you
    [11:35:19 PM] commencmen: i remember
    [11:35:24 PM] (S) Pray f: it was prolly on of your skany how freinds
    [11:35:34 PM] (S) Pray f: *skanky hoe friends
    [11:35:40 PM] commencmen: i can't veiw the think you sent me
    [11:35:46 PM] (S) Pray f: the password is
    [11:35:47 PM] (S) Pray f: ********

    [11:35:48 PM] commencmen: cuz i need a password
    [11:36:15 PM] (S) Pray f: everything u and i said this week is on that
    [11:36:30 PM] (S) Pray f: and its not like i can just change it cuz
    its locked
    [11:36:47 PM] (S) Pray f: and i havent talked to u on the phone
    either, cuz i dont answer it
    [11:36:54 PM] (S) Pray f: unless its my mum
    [11:38:03 PM] commencmen: [02:42:43 PM] +o(still s: hey you should
    come to my commencment
    [02:42:48 PM] (S) Pray f: ok >
    [02:42:49 PM] (S) Pray f: :D
    [02:42:55 PM] (S) Pray f: o...i werl
    [02:42:56 PM] (S) Pray f: werk
    [02:42:58 PM] (S) Pray f: wut time
    [02:43:04 PM] (S) Pray f: i only werk till 10:45
    [02:43:05 PM] +o(still s: 7
    [02:43:08 PM] (S) Pray f: damn
    [02:43:10 PM] +o(still s: lol
    [02:43:15 PM] (S) Pray f: i cant take it off either
    [02:43:18 PM] +o(still s: its commencment
    [11:38:10 PM] (S) Pray f: I really like this line
    [11:38:12 PM] (S) Pray f: [02:42:43 PM] +o(still s: hey you should
    come to my commencment
    [11:38:19 PM] (S) Pray f: TOMORO!!!
    [11:38:21 PM] commencmen: yeah
    [11:38:25 PM] commencmen: that was on Wednsday
    [11:38:27 PM] (S) Pray f: TOMROOO!!
    [11:38:30 PM] commencmen: june
    [11:38:30 PM] (S) Pray f: that was TODAY
    [11:38:32 PM] commencmen: 5
    [11:38:35 PM] commencmen: 4*
    [11:38:38 PM] commencmen: 3*
    [11:38:40 PM] commencmen: 2004
    [11:38:46 PM] (S) Pray f: stop lying
    [11:38:47 PM] (S) Pray f: tyler
    [11:38:50 PM] commencmen: whatever
    [11:38:52 PM] commencmen: you didn't come
    [11:38:56 PM] commencmen: oh well
    [11:38:59 PM] (S) Pray f: U SAID IT WAS TOMRO
    [11:39:01 PM] * commencment was soo specialy the limo...
    has been blocked

    and THAT is why I am angry.
  2. Edward G.

    Edward G. Edwardson

    I didn't really read thru all the convos. cause I'm half asleep and all, but your sig pic reminds me, I have a cat named Lestat. :) Anyway, in response to the first paragraph: well, that's christians for ya. And Marlyn may I give you a hug? the funny way you spell things ("wut" and "werk") and stuff is so amusing. :p hahaaaa yes I am falling asleep on the keyboard....
  3. thepixies

    thepixies Member

    hahaha "skany how freinds" that made my day

    it was probably all a big misunderstanding and unless he is a right peice of living shit then you should forgive him.
  4. Orsino

    Orsino Member

    Aagh... teen drama. You're going to look back at this one day and laugh. :p
  5. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    tell your friend that "god" doesn't exist. That Jesus was actually married and had a child... and that he can google for historic proof of it...
  6. Marlyn

    Marlyn Member

    lol ya i've forgiven him now but it makes me want to rip his head off and shove a cherry bomb down his throat when he does stuff like that..which is alot! he's a really great guy to hang out with and real funny and stuff but he's a really shitty ass friend u know?
  7. Caleb983

    Caleb983 Member

    I pity the fool who thinks the internet has all the answers to life's biggest questions.
  8. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    The internet has over a billion pages of documented history...

    stupid hippy.
  9. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    Carolyn, let it go. It doesn't mean he's not a "good Christian" because he didn't invite you to his commencement. You need to chill, you're way over-reacting...
  10. marymicrogram

    marymicrogram Member

    I think we can pretty much agree that a giant, fat, white man does not sit in a chair in the clouds and control everything.
  11. PuZuZu

    PuZuZu Member

    dude, marlyn, you are so full of hate. its trippy, i can't relate to this post at all. i just wanted to say though that you shouldn't let little things like this get to you. sorry but this is something a 13 year old would fret over. i don't care if you are a geek, shit like this doesn't need to be groveled over. stay cool and don't let boys get to you. i'm guessing you don't go out alot or you'd seem more understanding about this?

    ive never met any tylers that were mature, is tyler a bad omen? i can relate to you and say some boys are annoying but i just let it pass. they usually give up wanting my attention after so many....months.... its a slower process when you have friends wanting to go out with these idiots. lol.

    sorry if i sound wiser-then-thou but this post came as a bit helpless for the most part. good luck with keeping the friendship.
  12. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    (And just so everyone knows: Tyler is a great friend, not a guy we have a crush on or something:pJust thought I'de mention it so no one was confused:p)
  13. marymicrogram

    marymicrogram Member

    Riiiight, Sunburst. ;)

    Don't worry- we can keep a secret.
  14. jimmy_pop2000

    jimmy_pop2000 Member

    who cares?
  15. Marlyn

    Marlyn Member

    ...I .... already did....I thought that was obvious...oops. well I sent an apology to him a little while ago, (by the way, u completely overlooked why im mad at him, i didnt say hes not a good christian for not inviting me - one he DID invite me, its just that his train of thought de-railed just as he was about to tell me when it was and two, i was mainly mad becuase he lied, which he did, but w/e im over it and its just a stupid thing that i DID over-react to.) But sunburst, you have to admit. he does stuff like this to you to. he DOES lie alot - it doesnt make him a bad christian, but it doesnt really help ppl trust him, even you don't yourself! whenever he says he's going to do somthing we both say, awe screw it he's not going to show up and then he doesnt, and he doesnt even phone us ahead of time to tell us not to go. but pfft, its a tyler thing. right?

    *note* if i sounded sarcastic in any way, well i wasnt being so at all.
  16. PuZuZu

    PuZuZu Member

    tylers are usually fuckin dicks for some reason. least this year of school.
  17. Marlyn

    Marlyn Member

    well, he's not so much a dick, rather than a lying little not-rememberer, but i still love him, and i feel so stupid for getting mad at him like that, it was prolly pms. it *is* that time of month...
  18. Mr.Moon2

    Mr.Moon2 Member

    ...You make me sad, and please don't tell us about your fuckin menstrual cycle trust me NOBODY wants to know
  19. Marlyn

    Marlyn Member

    Ya ok you know what I dont care what you think but as of now i have decided that the Young Hippies forum is just a place where all the jugding bastards go. so screw you all, well, not the nice ones, i..forget your names, but u know who you are.
  20. nightstar

    nightstar Member

    yes teen drama, been there done that, still there... but yes everything will come out good, either way im wishing you luck. im not sure if there is a god.. if there is, show me proof. No not by google lol...

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