Smore Pendant

Discussion in 'Show it, Sell it, Swap it' started by Caelynn, May 26, 2007.

  1. Caelynn

    Caelynn Yellow Butterfly

  2. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    LOL! That is great, it makes me hungry just looking at it! :D
  3. Caelynn

    Caelynn Yellow Butterfly

    hehehe it made me hungry too, so my mom made brownies :)
  4. Starr

    Starr Member

    So cute! Id want to eat it if it were around my neck!
  5. knitin.chick

    knitin.chick Members

    Ha! That's the cutest thing I've seen all day! Super idea mama :D
  6. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    smore pendant! holy kitch! :) i love it!
  7. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    oh man, this kicks ass.i checked out all your new stuff on etsy the other day...i am loving it all! :)

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