Smoking in the daytime

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Spuff, May 16, 2004.

  1. Spuff

    Spuff Where's my ciggies?

    Is there anyone else who really CANNOT smoke weed during the day? If I do, I get extremely nervous, anxious and paranoid. Even if it's still daylight but the actual time is evening (providing I'm indoors somewhere), I don't mind. At night, I really don't give a shit and love to smoke it. Does anyone else think this is odd? I think this because my friends smoke weed all day, yet whenever a joint comes my way, I ALWAYS turn it down. Dammit!
  2. Spuff

    Spuff Where's my ciggies?

    Dammit, looks like it's just me then! lol
  3. Yup, just you
  4. Whenever I do get paranoid (rarely), it's usually at night. I love to smoke during the day. Probably cause I smoke every night and it's a good change when I have the chance for a wake & bake.
  5. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    i dont like smoking weed during the day cos it makes me sleepy. I think a spliff is best at night time, chilling with good music on, with good people around, with a few beers...nice!
  6. i always say, "Smoking weed isn't about getting high, it's about the session", although being high is fun.
  7. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    I don't get stoned alot but I've learned that I can't get stoned during the
    day if I have things planned for that day. Cuz I can't drive so good (don't
    ever try to deliver pizza while stoned) not cuz I get the munchies it's cuz
    I get lost and takes me longer to find the house. But it's funny to deliver
    pizza to people who are partying....great tippers.
    I also don't get high if I'm babysitting someone's child. Harder to pay
    attention to her while stoned. Harder to pay attention to anyone while
    stoned no matter what time of day it is.
  8. Can't say I've ever had a problem with smoking during the day, must just be you.
  9. babynug

    babynug Member

    love smoking during the day. especially in the morning. wake-N-bake! i won't smoke during the day if i have something important to do or if i am working. i just can't focus as well
  10. mmmmmmmm.....wake-n-bake.....***homer simpson tone***

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