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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by smokie, May 13, 2004.

  1. smokie

    smokie Member

    hello people im smokie :D
    im 27 female living in leicestershire.
    i dunno what else to say so if ya want to ask feel free:p

    cheers to all love smokie xxxxx
  2. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    Hiya and hello...
  3. hellooooooooooooo x x x
  4. ericf

    ericf Member

    smokie? I am not sure I am comprehending this term correctly? I am thinking something between State Trooper and Forest Ranger.... or maybe Smoke Jumper for fighting forest fires.

    Or maybe you are a smoker... which is cool.

    Anyway... I just wanted to welcome you... unless you are a state trooper... in that case I encourage you to get a real job. ;)
  5. ganjabus22

    ganjabus22 Member

    hey all smoke up
  6. RaveWithMe

    RaveWithMe Member

    Indeed!! I Will Follow Your Advice Religiously...starting With A Blunt After School!!! Woooo...whats Up Smokie?? I Hope You Too Will Follow Ganjabus's Wonderful Advice.
  7. greengoddess

    greengoddess Nature Freak!

    hey welcome to the forums!
  8. [​IMG]

    joke i love you you sound cool SMOKE RULES KEEP IT UP BABE!
  9. sensamelia

    sensamelia hippy mom

    welcome to the forums have fun
  10. wiggy

    wiggy Bitch

    Hey welcome to the forums - hope you like it here xXx
  11. Dudley Do Right

    Dudley Do Right In Your Head

    Hey Smokie, My step daughters name is Smokey Dawn, smoke em if ya got em!

    Let me extend the welcome mat. I recently found “The Hip Forums” myself and I know what it’s like to be a newcomer. You don’t really know what to say or how to act. Read some of the threads so you can get the gist of what topics are being discussed. When you feel comfortable jump right in and get your feet wet. Nobody here is going to “Flame” you, that just isn’t tolerated here (unless it’s necessary) lol. We get some assholes here who just want to stir up bad vibes... From what I’ve found so far is that we are one big family with many brothers and sisters. Once again the doors open come on in, open up your heart and mind, put on some groovy tunes, kick back and stay awhile. Peace & Love, DDR

    Quote: Groucho Marx
    “If I said something nice about your body. Would you hold it against me.”

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