smoke salvia while on shrooms?

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by SunshineDaydreamer75, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. hmm...

    well I definitely want to try salvia soon. It seems interesting... I'm probably going to mix it with weed... not sure yet when I'm going to do this or with who or what we're getting... but I'm sure it will be in my camper on a calm night.. a chill situation...

    I'm wondering... would it be fun/recommended to smoke some salvia+weed while on shrooms??
    That seems like it would be cool, but I'm going to wait until I've smoked it separately before doing it while tripping just in case i dont like it...

    A lot of people seem to not really like this drug, but then again, it's mostly because they're just misinformed and end up having expectations that they shouldn't...
    I've already researched it and I'm going to try to make the best out of my experience :)
    If u think about it, there are a looot of kids in my school who don't like shrooms or acid either... People claim to have had bad trips while on shrooms... everybody is just too scared to have a psychedelic experience... They don't realize how you have to relax, what kind of situation/mood you should be in, how to handle people who are tripping, how to handle it when you are tripping and seeing things...
    Call me crazy, but I really really really enjoy tripping.
    Anyways yeah has anybody had an experience with shrooms and salvia and pot at the same time??? or just shrooms + salvia...

    *By the way I just wanna say I can't wait to smoke salvia in front of my family in a bong or something and I get to say that it's legal... then I'll tell them the effects and they're not gonna believe me haha...
    I just think this would be funny and a good way to piss off the parents without getting in trouble..
    plus if i mix weed in, they'd never know
  2. mellow

    mellow Eased

    Wow...are you serious?

    I want you read everything on these two sites.

    First of all salvia is not just 'tripping and seeing things' salvia could be the most powerful hallucinogen known, It is very easy to dose incorrectly (assuming your using an extract) and reach a state of 'ego death' pretty much instantly. In my opinion salvia has very little use as a recreational drug as its effects are short lived and lower doses don't produce much of an effect.

    Judging by your post you believe that salvia is psychedelic that gives visual effects similar to an average dose of mushrooms, IE vivid colors, shifting shapes, ect. In my experiences (usually a level 4/level 5 on the salvia scale) salvia has a tendancy to completely shatter the plane of reality and give you sight of a new world (dimension?) where you have no idea who you were, whats going on around you or even that you had actually smoked salvia. With effects like these it is very neccessary to use a sitter your first time, a member of your family can be a good sitter, however it sounds like you want to do this in front of your family just to spite them. May you be warned that there is no telling what you would do, you will not have any idea what you are doing, you probably won't even be able to recognize them as human let alone family and you certainly won't be able to casually tell them what your seeing as you will no doubt completly lose the ability to speak.

    So for your safety and to keep you out of probably the biggest trouble of your life, I recommend that you do this substance in a safe comfortable environment with a trusted person as your sitter, do not mix salvia with anything your first time, and make sure you observe proper dosage based on the product (extract, raw leaves; I hope you know the difference).

    Do not be fooled, the mere fact that this substance is legal does not make it any less powerful. Do your research, be responsible.
    This is just my suggestion, you can do what you want, please just know what your doing, reaching a level 3 or below on the salvia scale can be quite managable, although I've personally found it extremely hard to reach this state.
  3. theotherpath

    theotherpath Member

    "Pissing off your parents" is really not the reason to take an hallucinogen.
  4. my warning
    ment nothing
    your dancing
    in quicksand

    why dont you watch where your wondering
    why dont you watch where your stumbling
    your wading knee deep and going in
    and you may never come back again

    this bog is thick and
    easy to get locked in.
  5. Stiney

    Stiney Member

    Ha thats deadly, did you write that rustwire? is it it just song lyrics, if so what song?
  6. tool - swamp song
  7. I once ate an eighth of shrooms, smoked an eighth of weed, and smoked 3 bowls of salvia 10x. Needless to say I went into it cocky and my mind was blown. But It was a shitload of fun and I learned alot. Shroomgods talked to me, I traveled to different universes, time froze several times, i lost complete control of my body, I tripped to many many different places and lived decades in 6 hours. The salvia definatley contributed to some out of body experiences.
  8. trailerparkboy

    trailerparkboy Heat Bag

    that sounds fuckin sweet. I wanna try that sometime sounds insane.
  9. bamboo

    bamboo Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Exactly. The only time in my life that I took two hits on 10x (home made) before I could exhale the second hit the walls in the room turned into rivers of "electric light" that flowed up hill and shortly after that i have no idea what happened because the human mind has no frame of reference to remember it by. As it began to wear off i was looking down a metal rail fence at some trees and then I was back in the room. Real time lapse was under twenty minutes, experential time lapse was a life time. Not a party thing and nothing except DMT even compares.
  10. thrice989

    thrice989 Member

    One time I ended up outside of my own body, looking at myself stuck inside a glass bottle, but then realizing that I am in the bottle as my body, but as my mind I am watching myself!
  11. iheartpr0n

    iheartpr0n Member

    BEEN THERE. Damn, wow ... yes I have. I was at my peak of a mushroom trip (1/8) and I decided to try some Salvia (yeah, I kind of love her). One of the most intense trips of my life (also, my first solo trip). After the 2nd bowl of Salvia, it began to fight with the mushrooms (at least in my mind), and they both decided that I was the one who did this to THEM, and it was now their turn to come after me screaming something along the lines, "GET HER. GET HER!" It was intense, and amazing. I loved it.

    But for you ... I agree with Mellow completely. Only reason I did it is because I love Salvia seperately (for many reasons) and I love mushrooms. Also, I was experienced with both when I decided to do it. If / When you decide to try Salvia ... just make sure to have a sitter. Someone who's not going to fuck with your head (that could be bad for a first timer), someone you trust.

    I'm still slightly out of my head from my last Salvia trip. la la la. >_< So, pardon my grammer and spelling.
  12. Jim's_Girl

    Jim's_Girl Member

    wow. well I've smoked Salvia with a little bit of the herb. All that happened was that I thought I was going to fall off a balcony so I wrote my last will and testament. Don't smoke it anywhere that you don't feel safe...
  13. Viruk

    Viruk Member

    A crazy thing I had on shrooms was when my friends ceiling was peeled back by some sort of god, and I had to will the ceiling back closed, because this god didnt seem friendly.
    But on salvia I turned into a pot on a shelf, its mind blowing.

    Oh and Salvia isn't the most powerful hallucinogen known, it is the most powerful natural hallucinogen though.

    Im pretty sure Salvias number 2 or 3 on the scale. I know LSD is at least 10 times stronger then Salvia, with threshold doses at 25ug versus salvias 250-300ug

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