slumber , how long

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by saffronfrancisburnet, May 18, 2004.

  1. for the world and more...

    to slumber now until an end,
    i fear i would miss a world.
    to hold a moment ,taken
    so soon.
    awake i sort the memories
    that linger soft affairs.

    thank you love n peace from saff
  2. something to add to this piece after all this time

    awake ,untied to slumber
    world views ,can not change
    awake not sleeping ,hearts
    minds humans. slumber not
    memories have joy,not
    always pain.
    remember life ,remember love

    thank you love n peace from saff
  3. kidder

    kidder Member

    I like the ending. Otherwise, as all too often, I'm a little confused.
  4. to me this is a combination
    of light and dark
    day and night within my life

    love n peace from saff

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