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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by TheJesusDude, Jun 6, 2004.

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    i've got a problem i wonder if any of you can help me with.
    i've been suffering with some REALLY bad insomnia for a while now,
    same thing always happens i'm tired all day long because i don't sleep and all i do all day is think about wanting to go to bed and then when it gets time to go to bed i lay down and start feeling wide awake and just can't fall asleep.
    i just lay there for hours trying to fall asleep and i can't then finally i doze of for many and hour or so and by then its so late i have to get up. even if its a day i don't have to get up i end up automatically waking up after about an hour and i don't know why.
    in the last 2 days all i've been able to sleep is about 20 mins/ i just don't know what to do i feel like i'm about to lose my mind i'm so stressed out
    also i don't know if this is related but earlier this year i overcame some substance addiction i had and this is when the sleeping problems first started
    anyone know anything about this?
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    I'm not an expert but hopefully I can be of some help.

    It would seem likely that your insomnia is related to the substance addiction, but without knowing what that substance was no-one can say for sure. If it's a stimulant then most definately. When we become addicted to anything the body reacts when we take it out of the system, then it needs time to adjust. The problem that now exists is that your lack of sleep has given you a complex about it. You're so hyped up over not being able to sleep, it's preventing you from sleeping! I would say that there are 2 things you need to do (Probably easier said than done).

    Firstly, you need to relax and not worry too much - you will get some sleep sometime! Try to find things to do before bed that will help you to relax like reading or listening to some chilled music. For myself lately, I've started falling asleep during my favourite films (although, that's really annoying!) There are things like drinking chamomile tea an hour before bed or having a bath in essential oils. It really comes down to what makes you feel snug and cosy. All you have to do is to crack the 'noisy mind' thing, and once you've done that, your body will adjust very quickly to a routine.

    Erm, not sure what the second thing is! I didn't sleep very well last night...... :D

    Good luck and if it really gets that bad maybe you should talk to someone, especially if the substance addiction was serious.

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