Slashing SNAP (food assistance) in the US

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by drumminmama, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Here's a well done overview of what will happen if the GOP gets the double slash of food stamps/EBT/SNAP they are asking for.

    Here is an insightful blog post from Tricycle about it.

    I'm saddened that the "government by the people and for the people" is choosing to starve the people, especially with agricultural surpluses.

    Ranchers get to (over)graze cattle cheaply on public land. Why shouldn't humans get to graze?

    Is it time to turn back to surplus distribution?
    Is this an attck on the dignity of the working poor? (And by the numbers, that's me.)
  2. skitzo child

    skitzo child PEACEFUL LIBRA

    There slashing wic also which is sad
  3. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    Talking about the extra food reminds me of when i was a kid my mom would bring home bags of food . That was always fun seeing what we got this time.
    But we never got shrimp and lobster. My mom works at a food store and she is always talking about the crazy expensive things they buy with their ebt card. Stuff that my mom couldnt afford while she is working there 40 hours a week. So while i am all for the program i am not going to feel sorry if a family can only afford mac n cheese and hamburgers.
  4. Jay721

    Jay721 Guest

    now people will actually have to work for a living to get there food :eek:
  5. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    Ah, remember food banks? Plenty for all. Why does barry hve to create a "Snap" card to lure voters to the democrats?
  6. Ranger

    Ranger Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    These 'public lands' ranchers get to (over)graze cattle cheaply on were slyly stolen from the homestead program on the excuse the remaining lands won't support people.(remember rancher/squatters wars?) With modern organic intensive agriculture most of that land could support more families than cattle.
  7. gilded raven

    gilded raven Member

    oh but corporate welfare is ok.
    " Ah, remember food banks? Plenty for all. Why does barry hve to create a "Snap" card to lure voters to the democrats?" Obviously you have never been to a food bank. they give you a few days worth of food. and snap cards used to be food stamp cards not created by "barry" as you say

    "But we never got shrimp and lobster." "mac n cheese and hamburgers" checked the price of hamburger and shrimp lately (just paid 6.99lb for shrimp to make stir-fry. did not by the hamburger for 5.99lb and part of that is water and fat that cooks out)
  8. gilded raven

    gilded raven Member

    "Proponents’ rhetoric about the importance of work also overlooks the fact that most SNAP recipients who can work do so. More than 80 percent of SNAP households with at least one working-age, non-disabled adult worked in the year before or after receiving SNAP.[5]"
  9. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    that actually reinforces ravens comment. 80% is pretty low in my opinion. aside from the disabled who goes 2 years without working? actually i know a couple disabled people that work more often than that.
  10. usedtobehoney

    usedtobehoney Senior Member

    I also think there are plenty of people who are not on SNAP who haven't worked in the past 2 years, lots of people have a hard time finding work these days. 80% sounds good to me.

    But there really is a surplus of food and frankly there's two real issues, one is that a lot of people on these benefits don't know how to budget the money or eat healthy.

    Those who know how do it. I think the SNAP program is lacking because all it does is give people the money card to buy food rather than educating people on budgeting, allowing people to purchase directly from farms or CSA's with the card(money goes a lot further in those ways and only healthy produce is available, usually) and also, they don't allow them the space or education to grow their own school. Now maybe some people on SNAP don't have the time to grow their own, but even those without the space could be allowed to grow at community gardens and similar programs.

    But anyway, I have known a good handful of college graduates who were lucky enough to not need to get on SNAP (because they didn't have children and had good jobs before they were unemployed) who have gone 2+ years without working.

    Grocery stores and restaurants throw away a whole lot of perfectly good foods and so do farmers. Some of it is going to food banks, but food banks aren't really a realistic option for a lot of poor people.
  11. gilded raven

    gilded raven Member

    work is a requirement of life. employment is slavery! we are no longer free people we are just consumers ruled by the corporate elite. if the pay was fair people would not have to struggle so much so we are being milked of productivity.
    if not for food stamps we would be seeing soup lines that rival the great depression
  12. usedtobehoney

    usedtobehoney Senior Member

    Also, you have to wonder how they label someone as disabled. I know that in some states pregnant mothers and women who have just had a baby or are exclusively breastfeeding are exempt from working on SNAP, but they are not considered disabled. I also know that a lot of people who are clearly disabled have a hard time get "diagnosed" as disabled officially, particularly those with new disabilities or those in denial of their disability or just uneducated about the fact that being labeled as "disabled" is a benefit to them.

    There are of course also people who might be having issues with drugs who might not be working and self-employment is not considered employment in some places when it comes to SNAP. Only if you're working a certain number of hours and make a certain amount of money with self employment does it count in your application.

    I really don't know how different it is in every state, but I have worked or volunteered with these organizations and also I've been on SNAP before so I know there are a lot of differences in the different state programs.

    Oh yeah, I also just remembered that if you're in school full-time or some sort of training, though not all trainings are approved, you are exempt from working, while on SNAP, but you again, are not considered disabled.
  13. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    Ah, no one is denying anyone food. The fact remains barry , before getting elected "relaxed" requirements for many social services ; SSD and "food stamps" being just a couple. These folks constituting his 47% voting bloc. Do you really think this is a economically healthy answer to an already ailing economy? Now, with the intro of obycare we can pay for the medical subsidy by buying into the food subsidy ; call you tomorrow on my oby phone to discuss the federal school lunch program. Make sense? No small wonder VLAD PUTIN takes him to the cleaners.
  14. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Let's just cut ALL the food availability for people that can't find jobs. Fuck 'em. And their kids too. They don't need no stinkin' food.

    It's the same game that has always been played by the right. Fuck the little guy and suck ass to the 1%. The right is poor in spirit and hard of heart.

    Most everyone knows that enough food is grown or could be grown to feed the whole damn world. The present governmental system with its money gimmicks built right in for insider trading and the rest of the rigged ways used to rip off the middle and lower classes, is a crock of the proverbial shit. It creates stingy, mean no- nothings that seem to think that the year is 1850 and land is free, food is plentiful and jobs are there for the asking. Hell, just go out and get a job. Anyone can.

    When itchy feet ruled my life, I could go to ANY town, make 15 phone calls and have 12 offers of jobs.

    And frankly, I don't care if they ever open the motherfucker back up---maybe people will actually DO something about the mess that has been made, at least back to when that fucker Reagan was elected.
  15. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Riptides. Why don't you just come out and call him what you want to??
  16. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    Scratchem , I always do. oby is a socialist. A true euro. I am not. My my, what could you be insinuating?
  17. gilded raven

    gilded raven Member

    obama is not a socialist. the scale of left and right that the tv teaches you is off. its a scale of center to far right
  18. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Well, for one thing--you and others sound like this president is responsible for ALL the ills that have ever beset this country. I wish the dummy was a socialist , when it comes to medical and education. Did you criticize Bush when he was in office? Or was he alright with you?
  19. Ranger

    Ranger Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Another thing to consider, in England they still have gleaning laws which allow those in need to glean farmers fields after harvest.
  20. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    this post was funny to me because i was just going to post after reading some above posts that we could solve two problems in one swoop.

    the biggest thing you hear from people about illegal immigrants is that people here dont want to do the job. that job mainly is picking fruit. so why not get all those hungry people jobs picking crops. guaranteed healthy food let them eat all they want for 5-8 hours work. i know not everyone like me lives near farms but i see the mexicans getting bused around to farms so surely something could be worked out.

    i am not proposing any ideas i am just saying throwing money at the problem is not the answer so throwing less money at the problem wont hurt the real issue.

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