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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by razz, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. razz

    razz Member

    Hello ppl,

    Im Flying from the UK on 17th APR.

    just wana get a couple of things straight as im a bit confused.

    Is Skunk legal in Amsterdam or is it just Hash ??
  2. Volcanfuel

    Volcanfuel Member

    Both are available in the coffeeshops. As far as the legality, someone else can comment on that who is more familiar with the law.

    One thing that I saw was that Chocolate BonBons are now not available. Is this the case for non-fungi space cakes as well? Anybody know?
  3. niandra

    niandra Member

    In Amsterdam, marijuana is still illegal yet tolerated in sale at coffeeshops at amounts of 5grams or less. Dutch drug policy treats drug use a health issue.

    • no more than 5 grams per person may be sold in any one transaction;
    • no hard drugs may be sold;
    • drugs may not be advertised;
    • the coffee shop must not cause any nuisance;
    • no drugs can be sold to minors (under age 18), nor may minors enter the premises; and
    • the municipality has not ordered the establishment closed.
  4. razz

    razz Member

    Sounds good !
  5. THC4SIM

    THC4SIM Member

    i highly recommend you check out this forum if you are going to be in amsterdam from 17th-21st of april!! The real cannabis cup! all the weed is blind tested.... i cannot wait!

    see you in the shop one of the mornings for a wake & bake session!! :party:
  6. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    neither cannabis, hash, nor mushrooms are technically legal in amsterdam. they are decriminalized and the sale is government regulated. which basically means its 100% fine for you to buy them at this present time as long as you obey the rules. THC edibles come in many forms: chocolate covered "space" bon bons, muffins, brownies, lolly pops, hot chocolate, etc. Mushrooms come in these forms: fresh, dry, dried crushed powder, in chocolate bars.

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