Skinny Dipping last night!

Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by nakedalaskan, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. nakedalaskan

    nakedalaskan Member

    Went to an awesome bon fire on the beach last night, and since it really dosent get fully dark here, somewhere around 2am, one thing led to another, and one guy said he was going streaking, then we all went to watch, pretty soon thereafter....there was just a bunch of naked people running to the water...

    What a rush, and the water wasnt that cold! (may have been the countless beers in my system...)

    naked rules
  2. Chronic4:20

    Chronic4:20 Member

    HAHA , that reminds me... one time at a wrestling tourny we were staying over night at a hotel and a couple of my friends just ran down the hall naked and jumped in the hot tub.. so we all proceded to do the same and just take turns running to the pool and jumping in and seeing if we would get caught. Luckily no one saw us and damn it was a rush
  3. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    Me and my friend went swimming in our boxers and then just took them off and swam around for a while at a Holiday Inn. My ex-girlfriend was the only person who knew that this happened.
  4. bloomgirl1978

    bloomgirl1978 Member

    I agree with you, being naked does rule. ( I wish I was naked now!!) I can't imagine how good skinny dipping feels!! I'm gonna try it in my pool one day! ; )

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