Six Feet Under Series Finale!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'TV' started by Adgreyga, Aug 22, 2005.

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    i was literally in tears when i saw the series finale, and the last time i cried like that was for 'the color purple' telling you, six feet under got their man with it. wow, i really regret not watching every single season.
    its hard to really describe the depth that show has, i mean everything from the script to the direction to the settings to the music to the lives that these people live...everything about it captivates how life and death and everything inbetween are just inbetween itself and the other.

    im definatly not even going to hint how it ended, but for the people that havent heard of it, its about a family (a mom, 2 sons, 1 daughter, 1 fiancee, 2 boyfriends, etc) who's family business is a funeral home. so its like, there knowledge of death is very deep and gets you thinking and even more deep is how they live with that knowledge [and that deep understanding growing and conflicting with every time they meet and interact with each mourning family that comes to the Home] and how it passionatly effects and how they react to the dramatic turns their own lives and losses take. Its very powerful. but also has a brilliant, and always surprising, dark comedy about it.

    Example:mother and daughter sit on the couch (as the daughter is upset as shes considering having an abortion because she lost 2 babies already and her husband, Nate, doesnt want her to have it because he said he wont love it and shes still insecure about not being able to live up to his late wife, etc) so she confides in her mom and breaks down in tears so her mother goes "oh, every couple goes through situations like this...didnt you think i wanted to abort you and billy (big shock on daughters face)...*sigh* but your father talked me out of it both times and the rest is history!" (mother gives a big grin)
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    it was a great series. I didn't watch it as it was coming out, but rather on DVD after the fact (a friend has the first 3 seasons). Beautifully shot, beautifully written, beautifully acted. I LOVE Clare!

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