Sister smokes pot...

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by Streetpack, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Streetpack

    Streetpack Member

    she's 14 i don't know what to do about it. I'm the only one in my family that knows, because I overheard her on the phone while I was walking by.

    conversation was like 'so ryan asked me if two dime bags was ok'

    and then she said that she said to him 'i don't know what that means i just started'.

    nobody in my family knows I do it either but I'm 18 (almost 19) and wasn't even close to that young when I started.
  2. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    Yeah, 14 is young. Talk to her. See if you think shes emotionally and mentally mature enough to handle it. Give her advice, and suggest that it may be better to leave it off until shes older.

    Just dont snitch on her, or send her to rehab. Basicaly, dont act like a retarder.
  3. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    nothing you can do.. shes 14,shes going to do what she wants..
  4. Stonertower420

    Stonertower420 Senior Member

    Talk to her about it, tell her not to do it at all until later, if she wont listen tell her to be safe and don't let it control her life, etc. etc. I started when I was 12 and theres nothing wrong with me as of it, and I don't plan on having anything happen to me.
  5. Um obviously you should smoke with her, that is a given. 14 is not too bad of an age to start imo, especially if she is a freshman and will be turning 15. Help her to not get ripped off, maybe even introduce her to your connect for bud. That would be the nice thing to do at least.
  6. eel

    eel Member

    I agree with the people above me. You have to accept that she is smoking and there is nothing you can really do about it (without being a total bastard, lol). Help her out, make sure she's safe. It really can help forge a really strong relationship.
  7. Streetpack

    Streetpack Member

    hmmm shoulda been more clear with who my sister is.

    She already failed grade 8... so she's still in grade 8.

    She is already having endless problems with school.
    The way I see it, she's doing it more to 'fit in'

    I don't believe marijuana is very harmful, but the people she hangs out with could lead to stuff thats worse. With two arab parents that don't understand drugs AT ALL, it wouldn't be wise to tell them because it would hurt her more than anything.

    Had this been my other sister, completely different story and i wouldn't even be worried because she is much more mature.
  8. Explain to her that she shouldn't smoke pot until she passes 8th grade, failing school isn't cool.
  9. Send her over to my place, I can teach her a thing or two. :D

  10. wobblies

    wobblies Member

    I was 14 when I started smoking pot. My grades began to slip in the year following, but that was more to other social / emotional problems as opposed to my pot smoking.

    If I were you, I'd talk to her about it. You know, tell her that it's not gonna kill you but it may be imprudent to use in some situations. Something like that.
  11. I wish my younger sister smoked. She wasn't against it, she just never did it, which sucked b/c she had friends that were stoners & she coulda totally hooked me up.
  12. Popularity

    Popularity Senior Member

    When I found out my sister smoked pot it was amazing! Sitting in the whataburger line. It seriously completely changed our relationship.
  13. Nero_Designs

    Nero_Designs Inhaled Dreams

    I am 14 and I smoke responsibly.

    My grades haven't slipped, and nothing bad so far.
  14. Everyones different. She may be ready or she may not.
  15. st. stephen

    st. stephen Senior Member

    if she fails school she fails school... it has nothing to do with smoking. basically u over heard her private business and u shouldnt give it more thought than that. dam sry dont mean to sound like a dick but i mean i started when i was 13, and ive made a lot of decisions recently they some may think of as ruining my life, but there decisions i wanted to make so i made them and im happy with them. if ur sister is happy with the decisions shes making then theres nothing u can do about that. however is shes unhappy with wheres shes at then u should talk to her, but theres not much else u can do but that. people are gonna do what they want to
  16. PurpByThePound

    PurpByThePound purpetrator

    :rolleyes:But it DOES
    At a young age like that, simple things can turn into fixations and without a strong enough will in yourself, things like school can take a backseat. At 14, you don't really realize how important your education then will matter to you when you are 17-18 and applying for jobs or colleges.

    Even if smoking has nothing to do with her FAILING FUCKING 8TH GRADE, she shouldn't be smoking cannabis anyways. She should be focusing on school, not outside activities. Bring all your self experiences you want, you can not deny that smoking marijuana CAN make people lazy and careless. ESPECIALLY at a young age, where stigmas can play a huge roll in the way you act.

    If she was in highschool like she should be, had she passed 8th grade (not very hard to do, mind you) then I don't see a HUGE deal about smoking. But that is not the case, as I think it is clear that she has been held back...

    To the OP: I would do something about this if I were you. If telling your parents is not an option, I would confront her personally and talk to her and ask her where she sees herself in 4-5 years. If she thinks she is going to make it into college or even pass high school, you would be the smart and CARING sibling to tell her to stop smoking.

    I know a lot of you are going to boo-hoo me and all, but education should be FIRST, and if you don't want to recognize the importance of at least completing some of highschool, the routine and discipline schooling provides is definitely not a negative thing in a young person's life.


    Beyond that, happy smoking.
  17. st. stephen

    st. stephen Senior Member

    haha dam dude u dont shit about this girl and u fuckin act like your her best friend. all we know is she flunked the eight grade and that she just started smoking pot. and i dont know why u think stating your personal oppions harshly makes them fact? why do u think that people who dont choose the type of life that you chose cant be happy? do u not understand that what works for one person might not be for another? or are u to busy preaching to think about whats actually coming out of your mouth?
  18. PurpByThePound

    PurpByThePound purpetrator

    Maybe if you would or could understand.

    Here is what I know of the situation:
    Girl is 14
    She is in 8th grade for the second time
    She smokes (we don't know if she JUST started or has been using)

    However, that is not the point. She shouldn't even be thinking about going to smoke. She can have a social life and all, but drugs, however harmless you may think they are, alter your brain, and if she can't pass 8th grade, then she has no business with mind altering substances.

    Maybe you don't remember how easy 8th grade is to pass, but it is damn near impossible to fail. Now, I don't know about La-La Land where-in you reside, but in the United States you HAVE to attend school for a certain amount of years. Knowing the whole lot of nothing I learned in middle school(Private, and higher education my ass), I don't think she would be prepared for much more than head fry-cook at Micky Deez.

    Now, that is why I told the OP to talk to her and see what she wants to do with her life. If she doesn't want to do something that requires a brain, then whatever. But it's a shame to allow free education go to waste.

    Now take your no-good little self out back and think about that for a little while. I think you'd agree with me.

    If I had a child that failed 8th grade, much less failed 8th grade, was smoking cannabis regularly, and didn't seem to care, you best bet they'd have a long and hard talk about their life. I'm not saying no to weed, I'm saying no to the irresponsible use of it. Clearly your reaction to my post demonstrates the amount of responsibility you, yourself, have with something that shouldn't be tossed to the wind so carelessly as you seem to think it should be.
  19. GoodVibes1

    GoodVibes1 Member

    I started smoking when I was 14 and my grades went from a c average to an a-b average so to say that pot effects grades is utter bull shit. The person who smokes has a choice to do the work or not to wether they are stoned or not stoned.
  20. Streetpack

    Streetpack Member

    This is how I feel about her. She's been fucking weird since she was an infant, she hangs out with the wrong people, they don't only smoke Cannabis they also love to trip out on ex and speed while in class.

    When she was young (maybe 5 not too sure) she tried to kill my baby brother by pouring baby powder all over him and locking him in the toy chest.

    My dad yells at her so much, that she is losing hair due to the stress (the doctor says) and my dad has eased off a bit but he has rage issues. Thats why I REALLY do not want to tell the parents (not the same mom).

    She lies to me all the time and is amazing at it, but I still love her and realize she has problems. I try to help all I can, but she does the opposite of what I tell her and she's in her own little world.

    I would not be posting this if it was my 15 year old sister, who is on the honor role, doesn't follow anything but the beat of her own heart, so if she started, I know she would be mature about it.

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