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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Spiritforces, May 23, 2004.

  1. Spiritforces

    Spiritforces Member


    Is it getting better
    Or do you feel the same
    Will it make it easier on you
    Now you got someone to blame
    You say one love, one life
    When it's one need in the night
    It's one love
    We get to share it
    It leaves you baby
    If you don't care for it

    Did I disappoint you
    Or leave a bad taste in your mouth
    You act like you never had love
    And you want me to go without
    Well it's too late tonight
    To drag the past out into the light
    We're one but we're not the same
    We get to carry each other, carry each other

    Have you come here for forgiveness
    Have you come to raise the dead
    Have you come here to play Jesus
    To the lepers in your head
    Did I ask too much
    More than a lot
    You gave me nothing
    Now it's all I got
    We're one but we're not the same
    We hurt each other, then we do it again

    You say love is a temple
    Love a higher law
    Love is a temple
    Love the higher law
    You ask me to enter but then you make me crawl
    And I can't be holding on to what you got
    When all you got is hurt
    One love, one blood, one life
    You got to do what you should
    One life with each other
    Sisters, brothers
    One life but we're not the same
    We get to carry each other, carry each other

  2. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    Very deep and moving... thanks for posting the lyrics! :D
  3. Dustinthewind

    Dustinthewind woopdee fucking doo

    That is by far one of my most favorite songs by U2!! Damn! speaking of U2, they really havent done to much lately have they?
  4. thisismike

    thisismike Overlooked/Uninvited

    That last album of thiers was really good.
  5. Dustinthewind

    Dustinthewind woopdee fucking doo

    when was their last album out? seems like its been years.
  6. thisismike

    thisismike Overlooked/Uninvited

    All that you can't leave behind. It's been a couple of years. They also put out thier best of 1990 - 2000 disc. I didn't get that one. I hope they put out a new one soon.
  7. Dustinthewind

    Dustinthewind woopdee fucking doo

    i hope they come out with something new real soon too. I use to have tons of there cd's, but when my ex left, he broke em all.. (bastard) i just havent replaced them yet.

    I would love to go to one of their concerts, i bet they kick some major ass! :)
  8. Xiola

    Xiola One Lonely Seagull

    :D I love that song, U2 are amazing! Johnny Cash's cover of it is great too though:)
  9. GanjaPrince

    GanjaPrince Banned

    Hey now!
  10. dhs

    dhs Senior Member

    Warren Haynes does a fantastic version of that song
  11. that is defiantly my favorite u2 song. it's so pretty and i love the lyrics.
  12. As the self-proclaimed #1 U2 fan of this board, I will tell you that their new album, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, just came out like a few days ago. I have not bought it yet, but I will soon. I have fallen away from the band and that whole "scene" in the past few years, but they will always remain my favorite of all-time.

    The song, "One" reminds me so much of my ex-best friend, Anne. She and I were the biggest U2 fans ever (she more than I). She owned every damn thing ever recorded by them, and then some!

    Sorry...yeah everyone, go buy the album! :D

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