Since when does the bullsh*t in the movies qualify as Wiccan?

Discussion in 'Paganism' started by Dylanchick0113, May 27, 2006.

  1. Since when does the bullsh*t in the movies qualify as Pagan? I've been looking for other pagans around here and man you guys wouldnt believe the people ive found,,,, lol,, You know the ones,,, the Quote PAGANS""" ,, that put on this big friggen show complete with flash strips,,,lmao,, the ones that pray to the dark, lord and pretend to worship dragons,,, the dungeon and dragon fruitcakes that give all real pagans really bad images.. lol,, i mean i though i was going to a circle for may day and i end up watching about twelve 17 year old goth kids dancin like freaks .. anyone ever see the king of the hill episode where bobby joins with the freaks and they try and get him to drink dog blood,,, It was so unbearably uncanny to that i couldnt take it and started cracking up,, I feel awful for being so mean,, but you guys It was the funniest damn thing ever.. Wow,,, that about sums it up,,, wow,lol
  2. heron

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    sad but true.
  3. astrobreaux

    astrobreaux "pan"

    playgans...damn role palyers claiming to be of a pagan belief to jusitfy a full-time role playing game, know the crappercrumby fucks wearing $30 flip flops, pretindians...pasty, white, sunblock 1000 wearing, "my grandma was a cherokee princess" folks speaking like a native american in the 1700's who just learned english, wanna blessed be's... eeww, these "life is lollipops and butterflies fluff-bunnies" make me have to swallow my regurgitated lunch.
  4. Lmao there's the folks I was talking about right there,,,, nicely put,,lo,,never heard that expression before,,playgans,,loll

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