Simple Man - Restart (full album) 09-13 Simple Man Music

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    SIMPLE MAN - RESTART (full album)


    Artist: Simple Man
    Title: Restart
    Release date: 09. 2013.
    Label: Simple Man Music
    Style: psychedelic, chillout, trance, progressive
    Format: mp3 (zipped file)
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
    Tracks: 10
    Time: 77:04
    Size: 185 Mb

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    01 Flower Of Life
    02 Robotika
    03 Kepler
    04 Albert Einstein
    05 Children
    06 Here and Now (feat. Osho)
    07 Gandalf
    08 Rasta Heart
    09 Hoffmann
    10 Ending Trip​

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