Silently Screaming

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by opalskye, May 16, 2004.

  1. opalskye

    opalskye Member

    I'm playing the game silently screaming
    yes, yes
    What could it be that I want
    What could it be that I'm missing

    When I find it baby I would like it to stay
    I will lock it in shackles
    I will hide it away

    While the rain it falls I feel the ripples it tickles
    Flows like a melody then falls down on me in poison trickles
    I look to see if it's still there but I can't find it anywhere
    no, no

    I'll begin my search before the next red dawn
    For these thoughts that bind me are my fear
    When my soul shouts out it screams in shadowed words
    yes, yes
    Meanings can't be found here in my silent little songs

    I'm crying out so loud why can't anyone hear me
    When my passion yells why won't anyone listen
    Silently Screaming, hey, what can I say to you
    You're silenced too
    You're silenced too

    so...this is my latest recorded tune. obviously the lyrics sound much different when the tune is being played with there's a lot more random lyrics and jams in it...anyhow, tell me what you think of the lyrics. and be honest whatever your thoughts might be on it...i guess i'm really wondering if anyone truely gets it...
  2. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    alone. in an empty room. full of people.

    much love :)
  3. inbloom

    inbloom as the crow flies...

    does the name have anything to do with the band serial joe??
  4. opalskye

    opalskye Member

    nope. i've actually never heard of serial joe. why do they have a tune called Silently Screaming?

  5. God

    God Member

    opalesky, that poem was amazing, it really transcribed your feelings, captured them. don't worry man, it gets better. like the beatles sand, "It's Getting Better All the Time". peace
  6. it has a good flow and i feel a surreal world on the edge of it, or maybe that's yours
    it's like the first time i hear across the universe from the beatles
    when the words did not have to make sense but still left an impression as music soft, you should either follow this flow further, like a dream it could go on
    and when you wake too early it's never fun to leave that world abruptly
    please carry on
  7. opalskye

    opalskye Member

    your kind words are too much...i always have this undrelying fear when people i don't know read my lyrics. it just makes me feel so exposed and bare. it's really comforting to know that poeople ou tthere can connect, in their own way. thanks so much...maybe i'll get bold and post another tune...

    livin'love- ~*opalskye*~

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