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    Oh how the stars shimmer, so far and winking, twinkling, yet so very close.
    Breathe in the winter chill and live.
    I see the night before me and my dreams are spoken.
    My thoughts spread out along my path and its broken.
    So many directions,
    So many choices,
    but we can sum them up in one word.
    Begin anew with each day.
    Yesterdays mistake is todays Lesson.
    Todays Lesson is tommorrows reality.
    Beauty is temporary in the physical, but it is everywhere to see.
    Beauty is complicated in the mental, but there none the less.
    Beauty is complete in the spiritual and rides waves of euphoria constantly.
    May I wake untarnished each day
    May I live a beautiful life.
    Simple as existance.
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    Hmmm, love beauty, so ephermal and so fleeting. I wish I believed it as powerful and resonant as you believe its many forms and manifestations to be. I hope you keep your vision of its prowess.

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