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Discussion in 'Astrology' started by psyche, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. psyche

    psyche fun for the whole family

    does anyone know if these are related? i've noticed a striking similarity in most of the scorpios i know. not exact resemblances but a certain common physical quality to them. is there any information on this you could give me?
  2. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    I've always heard Libras were supposed to be the best looking of any sign. :D Can't say I disagree. :H
  3. SilverClover14

    SilverClover14 Senior Member

    The greatest concentration of my redhead friends are Aries. Not all of them, but most. That's all I've ever really noticed though.
  4. What kind of similarities? Because I am a Scorpio, and wondering if I fit the description..
  5. I was wondering this exact same thing. I once read an interesting book on the subject...wish i could remember the author. But it was a taurus lady, who said that it mostly depends on your ascendant, not your sun sign. Although there are exceptions...she said aquarians are usually affected more by their sun. All i can remember is what she said for my combination, which is an aries ascendant and an aquarius sun-"the forehead will be reasonably large and raised and may have noticable scarring. These people have high cheek bones and often blonde or light brown hair. The teeth will have an inward slant rather than an outward one" ...That last bit scared me, cos my teeth have always gone inwards and been dodgy like that. Weird. Anyway the description was pretty accurate...ill try and get hold of that book again.

  6. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    I'm also curious as to what these scorpio characteristics are... I'm a scorpio, but short and wide and, well, not exactly the hot muffin most scorpios are supposed to be :p pics my in gallery too if you want to continue finding scorpio physical attributes (note, red hair atm, but naturally a blonde)
  7. willowbaby89

    willowbaby89 Member

    All I know about scorpios is that they like having alot of sex(who doesnt ) and can be very bossy at times and they love to be in control
  8. I'm not really sure myself. I'm a Cancer, but most people assume me to be a Pisces.
  9. the only thing i've read about this said that Librans who were born in October and who were born between 6 and 8 (either am or pm) tend to have really defined lines on their palms, and that these would get more defined the closer one's birthday was to the middle of October.
    I was born around 7 on the 11th of October, and the lines on my palms have always been freakishly defined, like the life line etc is way easier to see on my palms than anyone I know, and I have all these extra lines too...

    so maybe there is something in that?
  10. Adgreyga

    Adgreyga Member

    okay, i remember a few things ive read about physical att's for the sun sign but 90% of this are one i know to be true for every sign i know personally in my life, as i notice the outside appearance reflects the inside...:

    aquarius- usually light-skinned compared to the rest of their family members (no matter what their ethnicity is) and (especially the girls) have defined dimples

    scorpios- BEAUTIFUL, deep eyes (no matter the color) and usually small, well defined noses, despite heridity. and beautiful, thick hair (long or short) thats just plain gorgeous and envy-worthy.

    leos- thick beautiful hair thats usually long, kept long and/or fast to grow back. also, leos are naturally skinny/ have fast metabolisms (5 of my leo friends fit this to the T) and on the shorter side.

    sags- the guys are well sculpted/ have really nice, fit bodies and six packs ( like the dumb jock type though) though sag girls arent but just look like they just stepped off a plane. though, all sags walk around as if theyre gonna knock something over (they usually just did!)

    libra- the guys (maybe the girls, but i dont notice) have KILLER smiles (which matches there deadly charm) and have nice fit bodies like the sag guys (but not as adonus/muscleman-like) that they almost always seem at home with, like they walk with great posture and with a playful aura and a melencoly disposition at the same time. libra guys can also be on the skinny side though.

    cancer- the guys have warm eyes, either childlike or sexy bedroom-like. both ways are deep. the guys are on the slimside but the girls have an all around wideness about them (eyes, belly,feet, breasts, cheeks).

    taurus- all taurus people i know literally have the noses like bulls, that the nostrils enflate when theyre angry or apaulled. they also have thick eyelashes that give their 'window-to-the-soul' that approahful, peaceful look and ease quite unlike the intense eyes of the scorpio, which is another reason why taurus and scorpio are total polar opposites - but nevertheless attracts curiousity toward them, but in a big brother way instead of a nervous way like scorps. they also have naturally super-neat eyebrows.

    virgos- they guys and girls are said to almost always be slim and they have nervous (big, even boulging) eyes. they take the slim thing all the way with slim fingers, toes, noses and lips and sometimes even teeth. they also frown a whole lot more than what theyre aware of when they talk.

    pisces-known to have pretty, thick hair (usually wavy/curly and mermaid-like) or keep their hair cut short and wispy with long bangs. my people are either short and light on their feet or big and wide (dolphin v. whale - as its written) and not usually anywhere inbetween but we all have pretty, dreamy eyes ('window to the soul' again??) and tiny lips, hands, feet and ears, though the girls (the ones i know) are sometimes thicker where it counts (i guess for our scorpio soulmates).

    aries- the girls are usually on the thicker side (not fat though). guys and girls, equally, have this questionable, judgemental expression on their faces eyes mouth and eyebrows all included. they, like virgos (and sags), also frown more than they are aware of.

    gemini-all i know for sure is that geminis talk pretty fast and usually with the guys they talk as though unsure of themselves or (like johnny depp) keep themselves from speaking unless they think it over in their head for a few seconds (unlike the sags who blurt out the 1st thing to come to their heads-polar opposites? not sure though). but the girls are just witty all around and can afford to blurt their 1st thought since its usually brilliant and accurate

    capricorn- their eyes are usually small and quiet (until they begin the daily tournament of jokes and storytelling). they also have kinda wide mouths for their loud voices (like aries) and dont like walking much.
  11. psyche

    psyche fun for the whole family

    thanks for the info! there are some very good consistencies in the descriptions in relation to the people i know, how fun :)... i guess i look more like a taurus and act like an aries, being on the cusp is confusing.
  12. kayy

    kayy Member

    adgreyga, i read about capricorn, and i don't really recognize myself, and i love walking, much more than the average one...( it says we don't like walking) I know i have a scorpio ascendant, and i guess this is more significant for my physical appearance. Capricorn are said to have angular/thin bodies and that is true for me, so the description from your list is not the best....
  13. Hmmm... well my sun sign is Cancer and I'm far from being wide lol! I'm pretty small-framed. Don't see me at all either in Capricorn, my rising sign. My moon sign is Virgo, which does state that they're on the slim side, which matches up. Ah well... it's interesting reading about that; thanks for posting it! :)
  14. Adgreyga

    Adgreyga Member

    no problem guys!
    and yeah the cap describtion was probally off but remember i said it was based on people that i personally know and only what i remember from a book i read. i only have 2 cap friends and 2 cancer friends (that im aware of) as you can tell.
  15. HappyDrivin

    HappyDrivin Member

    whoa, that's pretty cool...i'm pisces..i have thick, wavy/curly hair, i'm short, with little hands, feet, lips, and ears...i think my eyes are cool :) and, i'm thick where it counts...well, not boobs, but my butt! that's cool!
  16. WindDancer

    WindDancer Member

    I'm a scorpio and that totally discribes me!
  17. hmmmm i'm a scorpio i've always heard the eye thing
  18. spinelli

    spinelli Member

    I ve noticed a few physical similarities mostly in the girls, i'd be interested to see if you guys agree on any points or not.

    Capricorn: The women seem to have strong shaped faces, more so hard rather than soft features. And I find theyre likely to be the ones frowning and not realising it especially when someones talking to them.

    Aquarius: The females have smiley eyes whether theyre blue, brown or green
    they have quirky and funny minds which means they smile and laugh a lot causing their smiley eyes to develop wrinkles more easily.

    Pisces:One word - 'vulnerability'. Pisces woman have an energy of vulnerability. Therefore they are open to other peoples hurtful opinions which can make them more likely to overeat or undereat. God love 'em they really are oh so sweet.

    Aries: Hey watch out for us aries women!! Because aries is such a masculine sign we r prone to broader builds & muscular limbs. And because of that impulsive and extreme nature eating too much is o so common. Aries woman also have strong faces and very angry eyes (when choosing to do so).

    Taurus:Taurus women are still intriguing me to this day, I still havent fully figured them out!!! But what Adgreyga said about the nose thing sounded so true.

    Libra: Both guys and girls have wonderous eyes and a lot of the time blue, but because eye colour is such a genetic thing, even if theyre not blue its like their trying to be blue- I know that sounds weird- but its like their eyes have a glistening of blue. You might notice the eye thing even in ppl with their venus in libra.

    Scorpio: ah ha the old scorpio the sign that has dominated this thread. Has anyone noticed a thing with thick or strong or dark eyebrows and scorpians.This is a bit of a diversion but does anybody seem to know a lot of scorps that are born on 13th of Nov?

    Sagies: Every sag girl Ive known is strong in so many more ways than one
  19. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

  20. Adgreyga

    Adgreyga Member

    wow what fun...i have that frowning quality (that my boss actually pointed out to me today) that you listed for the caps, as a pisces with tons of cap (so im still trying to figure out when my groundedness is gonna kick in...).
    --i kno one aquarius chica who has those sunny, smily eyes v. the fact she doesnt laugh much and when she does it quite and subtle, unlike my loud one.
    --im starting to notice more and more that i must have that vulnerable lady piscean aura, cause people treat me soo fragile when i dont mean to come off that way. but then i shock ppl with my sag rising when im angered.-- i love having male friends v. female ones cause of their straightforward, strong ways..which is why my better friends are aries girls. love you guys, keepin me on my toes -- hmm, taurean women (well my ex bff whos one) annoy me more now, theyre so tactless at the wrong time, and i literally have to squint at shit she says but i have to over look it and i get tons of practice since my dads a bull hiself -- im gonna look for the blue sheen...but i think i can agree -- haha yes, being back at my old hs with my origonal bffs, ive noticed that my scorp ppl are 8,14,14,17,19. -- yess, i have to give props to the sag ladys, they can move and shake. one i kno had a baby a few months ago and the other i kno is a senior who works 40+hrs a week to invest in her career/college (damn, i miss her...never can get a hold of her, as you can guess, a wonderful friend she is, man) and despite how much strengh they stash around they are (suprisingly) VERY playful and energetic.

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