Sights seen from a cloud

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by TomDijon, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Sights seen from a cloud

    inspiration draws me near

    a pulling fan; forget your fear​
    with guillotine blades to dice my brain​
    tell me, will i know if I've gone insane?​
    a price I'll pay, but I stray the path​
    my eye's; befooled; I escaped it's grasp!​
    free, I'd think, free at last​

    I look around at all I'd passed.

    the puzzle pieces; embroidery

    all beautifully sad pink floydery​
    and I'd cry until it turned to a laugh​
    at the desperate struggle to make life a math​
    things can only be pushed so far​
    before they crash on down and return to are;​
    the is of them, the ocean's whole/hole​
    all sailors know it can take it's tole​
    some waves are gentle; never mix with air​
    but to see this as weak would be unfair​
    all waves are pushed by whispy blows​
    with winding heats, the balance shows​
    and though tidal waves may reach quite high​
    it's flight can't be said to truly fly​
    it crashes down to join the rest​

    to accept your fate is heaven's test

    and so this world may be a joke

    and some see this as sad, some sit back and toke​
    but I refuse to just stand and let my mind rust​
    I'd rather sit back and laugh​
    and be diced​
    into dust​
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    wow, this feels like my style of writing! is it about insanity?

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