Sid and Nancy

Discussion in 'Movies' started by PointlessWandering, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Has anyone seen this??? I seem to be the only one thats ever seen this underrated movie and it is so brilliantly written and acted...a lil dark and morbid but sad and heartfelt at the same time when you see how their love was so pure and twisted at the same time...its beautiful...SEE THIS may not be for everyone but if youre into the punk scene or interested in finding out about it...SEE IT
  2. Alexandria

    Alexandria Member

    nah, you are not the only one. this movie is hugely popular:) I have always enjoyed this movie....even the 100th time i watched it. chloe webb really did a great job in this movie. it was very well of my favorites:)
  3. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    I have always loved Gary Oldman ever since I saw it.
  4. YogaOfLove

    YogaOfLove Member

    yeah its a great movie, although by the end i wanted to bash my head because nancy's voice was so blah, it drove me insane....but it was good none the less
  5. Did you know Courtney Love originally auditioned for the part of Nancy but lost to webb...Guess her acting just wasnt up to par which is a shame since love looked more like the real Nancy Spungen..
  6. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    Courtney Love is in the movie though, just a small role.

    I know what you mean about Nancy's voice, by the end I was thinking "kill her Sid, rid the earth of that voice."
  7. Alexandria

    Alexandria Member

    I actually liked her voice........"fuck you grandma!" That always made me laugh. Yeah, courtney apparently hasseled the directer and sent in a video explaining why she would be "perfect" for the nancy role. I saw it somewhere....dont remember...but yeah, I liked her in that small role. I think she is a good actress....even though after 'live through this' her music went to shit and she is suspected of killing kurt....grrrrrr. Pretty on the inside was the best record. topic....sorry:( And Gary Oldman has never looked so HOT in a movie EVER! I think he did a great job also:) Yeah, this movie tops my list in the first 5 for sure!
  8. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    Greatest movie ever made! Nancy's voice wasn't too bad. I've heard worse.

    I liked the way it was acted. That's how I imagined they would be. Very good, very good....
  9. YogaOfLove

    YogaOfLove Member

    it would have been nice if courtney had cause then you could watch HER die over and over

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