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  1. Sunnie

    Sunnie Jes-Jes

    I've been hearing people talk shit about mushrooms for quite sometime. They say that it's a poison(which is true, that's why you hallucinate right?), and that it is actually in fact eating a hole in your brain and stomach. I've also heard that mushrooms are the worst one time use for any drugs out there. Personally, I don't believe any of this shit that they say. I've never read of any of this on the internet, and I've never heard it mentioned on here.
    Can someone please elaborate? Are these facts or fallacies?
    I figured I should pass it off as fake, because I've heard the same person say that after you do acid 4x you are legally insane...
  2. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    omg thats all propoganda bs dont listen to any of that shit if u get the WRONG shrooms then yes they r poisones and are very likely to be deadly
  3. Sunnie

    Sunnie Jes-Jes

    Thank you, I figured as much. I don't do shrooms very often, once every 3-4months. But my friend does about 2grams every other weekend or so, rather then doing E at the club. Everyone was on his case about how he was poisoning himself, and it's going to fuck up his brain and shit...but now I can safely tell him to tell them to suck his dick.
    I hate it when people talk shit about something they have no idea about.
  4. kentuckyfunk

    kentuckyfunk Member

    Eating Mushrooms Are No More Dangerous Than Eating A Quarter Ponder At Mcdonalds.
  5. jtryp

    jtryp Member

    quarter pounder is probably worse for you :D

    anyway you trip because of temporary changes in brain chemistry, more or
    less, certain neurotransmitters (sertonin mainly with shrooms) sertonin and
    dopamine with lsd and mesc. ect. actually psilocybin is structurally very
    similar to serotonin and competes for receptor sites ect. more complicated
    than that but not worth getting into unless you have a good understanding
    of neurochemistry. no brain bleeding or any of that garbage.

    about it being a posion, sure it is. in the same sense that water is a poison
    (can kill at around 3gallons) asprin is about 400 places higher on a toxcity
    chart than psilocybin. also psilocybin has never been shown to casue liver
    damage or any other damage to other organs. it's physically impossible to
    consume enough mushrooms to die of toxicity. pure chemical diffrent story
    but you'd have to eat upwards of 19g and you're not going to find pure
    psilocybin in your lifetime unless you extract it yourself :cool:
  6. crackforkids

    crackforkids Senior Member

    good shrooms are good

    .........but, my friend's sister baught from a shady guy and ended up with a bacteria infection in her liver, and it was spreading to her brain, hospital.
  7. Stan

    Stan Member

    The worst one time use drug.. yea, thats called scare tactics. If people try them and realize it's bullshit, then the scare tactic didn't work. Same as marijuana. They say if you try pot you'll go on to heavyer drugs or get " addicted " this scares people into not trying it, and if/when they do try it the first time then all that bullshit falls apart.
  8. twoseeeyes

    twoseeeyes Member

    Shrooms can be a poison if it's a poisionous strain........however the hallucegenics ones are not.

    it's called doublespeak :p
  9. bokonon

    bokonon Senior Member

    One thing there is almost true....That four hits of acid makes you legally insane. It's actually seven, in England at least, but it doesn't mean you'll lose your mind and start hurting you and those around you!
  10. WTF? Why would four hits make you legally insane?
  11. bokonon

    bokonon Senior Member

    It's just an old law, probably proposed by some psychiatric doctor back in the 40's or something. It's obviously not true. But there are all kinds of crazy laws in our land, another is that it's illegal to be drunk in a pub!
  12. SpringSnow

    SpringSnow Member

    Fresh psilocybe mushrooms are (physically) harmless.
    MacShit burgers are not (they are heavily cancerogenic).

    Anyway, who could manage to eat enough shrooms to poison himself?? Jeez, those things taste like SHIT!!
  13. sPiNtHeDiSc

    sPiNtHeDiSc Member

    I cant really say for sure if they are "poison" or not...but i know that when i take a large enough dose i get some pretty bad pains in my ribs and insides while im coming down...its damn worth it thoguh = )

    And they dont do shit to your brain...
  14. MelvnDoo

    MelvnDoo Member

    there really is no difference between poisonous and halloucigenic mushrooms. in lots of books, amanitas and others are labeled as poisonous (and/or deadly) while there are many, many people out there eating those very mushrooms and having great times with them.
    check out books by Andrew Weil if you want more info about this.
  15. whiterabbit

    whiterabbit Member

    i hate propoganda. No mushroms don't eat holes in your brain and stomach, and although it's pretty funny that someone would believe those, the one that makes me laugh is that if you do acid more than 5 times your legally insane. They say were insane because we think for ourselves, really the insane ones are the ones not doing it because they let the government and D.A.R.E. run the way they live there lives and there all like zombies with that stupid phrase "hugs not drugs", there the only insane ones, the the true mad men are the communist pig government officials outlawing plants and things of the like (which are not harmful) that make you laugh and think for yourself, there the true mad men. I'm a total advocator for acid, i think it's one of the best things in the world, i truly believe if more people experimented with psychedelics this would be a better place, when people do acid it shows you who you really are and you see things for what they really are, and plus whenever people are tripping or stoned, there relaxed (at least i always am) and they talk with people and they aren't so uptight, and people see what it's really all about and they talk with others about it and it inspires creativity. Take Woodstock and Monterey Pop Festival, more so Woodstock, i mean there were over 400,000 people at Woodstock, all of them were smoking pot, the majority of the crowd was tripping on something, most likely acid, and was there any trouble, no, no body hurt anyone, there was no violence....the people were peaceful.... but i'm sure the pigs caused more than one uproar over plants and things that make you laugh and get you happy... but thats besides the point, psychedelics change the way you see things, why do you think they call them mind expanding, because they expand your mind. I truly believe that if everyone tripped and smoked pot they would see whats going on in the world differently and it would be a better place.
  16. turtlefriend

    turtlefriend Member

    John Lennon claimed to have taken over a hundred acid hits. Now, he was crazy in a good way, but insane?Somehow I doubt that. :rolleyes:
  17. sPiNtHeDiSc

    sPiNtHeDiSc Member

    That is so true...I admit that I have tried to be something i'm not in my life, and when I am on shrooms I see my life so clearly, i understand everything that is within my reach. I remember thinking to myself, "the government really scares me because everyone knows they have hidden agendas and they are hiding things from us about drugs". Basically pscyhedelics make you disregaurd all of the standards that society has set for everyone, and you are your own person...the way you might think if you were born into a society with no government. Its always interesting to see what it feels like too...they way you really are, without the trends you subconciously follow. Anyone familiar with the Tool song "Third Eye" can recognize this theme...The song is about psychedelic drugs and part of the lyrics are "Think for yourself, question authority" Another excerpt was the voice of a newscaster saying "Today a man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed into a slow vibration, that we are all one conciousness experienceing ourselves subjectively, there is no such thing as is merely a dream in which we are the imagination of ourselves...Here's Tom with the whether"
    That is an excellent commentary on how the public isn't told the truth about psychedelic drugs. Earlier when I mentioned how the government is hiding something from us about psychedelic drugs...The reason I believe that so strongly is because of the correlation between them being schedule I when they are obviously safer than many schedule II and III drugs, and that they force people to see things how they really are. You can imagine it as an invisible wall the government puts there to hide what theyre really doing from people, but psychedelics allow people to see right through that wall, so they scare people into not trying them by putting them in schedule I. It's just my suspicion...but I am sure there is at least something to it...
  18. gnrm23

    gnrm23 Senior Member


    well, genus Amanita does have a couple species (A muscaria & A pantherina) that are merely intoxicating (due to ibotenic acid & muscimol)...
    BUT ---> genus Amanita also has some species (A phalloides, &c) that are deadly enough to destroy your liver in 72 hours with one good nibble...

    and the mode of intoxication for psilocybian shrooms is a whole 'nuther trip, mmmkay?


    lotta sites on shrooms etc out there...
    come by & visit as a good place to start, eh?
  19. bokonon

    bokonon Senior Member

    I've already said twice, but here t'is again. It's a very old, very incorrect British law. Now law is an insane thing, as I've said before on this thread, it's illegal to be drunk in a pub in England. I don't know who decided the acid law, but it's there.

    What it might mean is if you've had 7 hits and get caught, the police can't question you because you're out of your mind a bit! I don't know, I'm just guessing.

    One thing I didn't mention is you have to have all seven in one 24 hour period. What I did mention though, and will say for another time, is it's obviously not true!
  20. Angel_Headed_Hipster

    Angel_Headed_Hipster Senior Member

    Very Well Said. And when you eat shrooms you get to have lots of fun, when you eat a quarter pounded at Mcdonalds you get a stomach ache and end up chugging Pepto, Thank god im a vegan :)

    Peace and Love,

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