Shrooms: First Time

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by WoodstockChild, May 3, 2007.

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    Have you done it yet?
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    It seems to me this girl is just trying to rebel and taking drugs just to take em, prolly to get back at her DEA dad. wrong reasons imo.
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    I think that as long as you're taking a psychedelic drug for the right reasons, and you truly believe you can handle it, and, overall, want to do it, you should be able to.

    I'm 16 and I've taken acid (although not 'shrooms), and I loved it. However, it was an overwhelming experience and I think that if I was any less mature than I am, it could have really destroyed me. When I tripped, I could almost feel my sanity slipping away, if I was older, I think I would've been able to handle this better (not that I went on a bad one).

    If you think you're a truly mature person, and want to take psychedelics to explore yourself and have a different perspective on things, not just to look "well 'ard", I think being 16 does not truly matter.

    Treat Acid and Shrooms as completely different things from drugs such as Es and Fet. Infact, don't think think they're the same at all, they only thing was classifys them together is that they're 'illicit drugs'. You don't get a high from the drug, you get a high from yourself, which you had not realised was there before you had ingested a psychedelic, and it therefore depends on your brain, not how old you are. The only factor of age that would concern me is a. your brain's development (obviously not complete at 16) and b. your maturity (linked closely with age).

    This is a way I like to think of acid; (and in the same sense 'shrooms, though im not compltely certain) when my friend asked me "Will I need less than you because I'm smaller?" this is the answer I gave, and I think it can apply to this situation.

    "It doesn't matter on your size with acid. With drugs such as E, it does, because those drugs GIVE you an artifical high. Acid just unlocks a part of your brain which was already there, so if it is determined by size at all, it is determined by the size (maturity) of your brain."

    Also, I'd assess my mental state is I were you. Are you really ready? A psychedelic is a serious thing, not something to experiment with lightly, it's a comitment and you'll be changed forever after.

    Good look and have fun, I bet you'll love it.
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    I dunno, I think psychedelic drugs shouldn't fall into the hands of teenagers. When I think about the shit that went through my mind when I was 16 it's all so trivial. I would have tripped out and examined a bullshit high school relationship with no real familiarity with the subject and I would have probably freaked out a bit.

    Stick to pot until you get a little older, those few years make all the difference.

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