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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by ben, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. ben

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    hey guys,my "friend" got some shrooms at an awesome price (a half for 50$) but how much is the approx. dosage? 1/8th a person or split a 1/8th with someone else?

    how different would a trip on an 1/8th and a half 1/8th be?

    peace & love
  2. Jetblack

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    id suggest an 1.8th for ur first time and yes half of 8th and an 8th is ocmpletely different
  3. geckopelli

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    if it's P. cubensis (mexican mushrooms) take the whole 1/8 IF you've had any experience tripping. If not, half an eight will get you off, but not balls to the wall or anything.

    By-the-book 5 to 15g's.

    The most I ever ate was about 11 grams. Good shit.
  4. PurpleGel

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    yikes. i had 4g of home-grown treasure coast once when i was on the beach and tripped hard for 8 hours. at the time, there was no way i could have handled more than that. i can't imagine what 11g would be like - i'm sure i would puke my guts out...

    and yeah, as gecko said, take the whole eighth if you want to actually trip. half-eighths are a disappointing joke (unless you're eating p. cyanescens, which you probably aren't).


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