Should I go barefoot?

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by nakedfeetguy, May 28, 2007.

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    Lately my feet have been stuck in shoes due to the cold weather, I hate it when I have to put on footwear!

    Anyway, I wanted to know what you think, I am going to visit my girlfriend's family on the weekend and stay over and I want to do the whole visit barefoot.

    This will consist of driving to the house, probably going to the shopping centre, having dinner etc; all barefoot!

    I would do these activities barefoot with no worries if I was on my own, but is it appropriate to turn up to her house where her family is with my shoes off?

    I expect I will get asked where my shoes are, but it is not the first time they have seen me barefoot.

    Don't know whether they will complain about me having dirty soles inside the house.

    Going barefooted is my favourite way of expressing my individuality so I really want to do it.
  2. jagerhans

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    the answer is in you.
  3. Barefoot-boy

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    First off, are they a "shoes off" family? Meaning, do they ask you to remove your shoes at the door? Is your girlfriend shoeless at home? How does she react to your barefooting? Does her family know you prefer to go barefoot??

    Unless they usually have their shoes off at home I'd probably come barefoot, but you might want to play if safe with a pair of flip flops, kick them off to test the waters so to speak. If they don't freak out about your barefeet then you are good to go.

    Hey, it's summer, going barefoot is one of summer's greatest pleasures!

    Take 'em off.
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    Sandals/flops always the great transition between full fledges shooz and being bare. You can also say you make long drives barefoot. Plenty do, even if shod elsewhere. Now might be one of those good times NOT to have dirty soles inside the house. I've posted on this before. JMO. I know I'm alone in this, but I'm big on gaining acceptance while I'm still young enough and active enough to make a difference, and for many of our shod "enemies" there is a gross-out factor with the dirt. Why give them more fodder for complaining? Just sayin---
  5. barefootbob1

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    Go for it bare! Your girlfriend knows that being bare is part of who you are. If her parents have seen you bare, then it should be no big surprise. If they ask just tell them it is something you enjoy and it feels good; that it's part of who you are. They shoudl understand. And eventually they will get used to it, too.
  6. bfjohn

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    That's good advice;- go in flip-flops, leave 'em at the door, then forget about them!

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