Should I be worried.. newish boyfriend

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Thailandgirl1977, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Broke up with my boyfriend for 2 years. Went wild, had sex with several people. Unprotected temporarily with 3, condom on later.Learned I had chlamydia, went on meds. Several tests before, a final test said I was clear. Continued a relationship with a guy. I have been 100% faithful. It's been 11 months of exclusive dating, certainly on my part. I have also not been with anyone else for about 15 months.
    He's just been away on business for 8 days. He came back and of course, we had an evening together- great passionate, romantic sex. I was a bit sore the next day, but he is large, so that's normal. He told me later today that he has a burning sensation when he pees and he has a small bump on his penis.....
    My initial thought was.... omg do you have an STD? I said... "well, I haven't been anywhere.. have you?" I had to repeat it. "I've not been anywhere with anyone... how about you? Have you been going someplace else?" He said no. But wasn't looking at me. I said, "hey, are you sure? You are not looking at me and we've never talked about this so.. are you going someplace else for this?" And he stopped and held my hand and said "No. No. It's only you. I am only with you." And he said it to my face.
    He's away on business again, out of country this time. I feel fine, physically. No real vaginal problems. But.... what should I do about him? Do I trust him? Should I be worried? Should I get tested?
    He has a weak urinary system. He had an infection about 9 months ago. Wasn't treating it properly, it took me getting him meds to finally treat it. I was worried then but he assured me this has been happening to him since he was a child. And, I guess I should mention his penis is bent, downwards. Maybe that affects his urinary tract and susceptibility towards infections... What do you think people?
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    I think he would have hidden it from you if he were cheating, and secretly gotten it checked. Now if you get the same thing....something’s up.
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  3. So I should get checked? He could just have a simple urinary infection. But yeah, okay. I will get checked.
  4. diesel#

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    it’s better to be safe than sorry. Yeah go get checked
  5. Just for fun

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    Get tested for everything. If you have an STD say good bye. Trust is the pinnacle of a relationship. If it ain't there he is just a fuck friend use a condom and don't blow him without one.

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