Short Hair Girls

Discussion in 'Body Care' started by T.C., Aug 2, 2016.

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    An amazing improvemenet, in my opinion. Strange that my former wives both thought my opinion didn't matter. The first one told me later that she's been kicking herself for years for not shutting her dang mouth and just being nice, but back then she just couldn't get past her own sense of entitlement and self-importance to do so.

    I divorced them both. Not for cutting their hair and doing rediculous things to it, but because, if my opinion doesn't matter, why would you want to stick around and hear it? Told them both to get the hell out and find someone whose opinion DOES matter. I once was a really nice guy. Now I'm a grouchy old prick. Life goes on.
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  2. bak bak bak bakaa, chicken.
  3. I love short hair on women. If I can see her sexy ears, it's such a turn-on. OMG.
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    Hair isn't what makes someone attractive. There are many who Jesus of Nazareth described as beautiful whitewashed tombs on the outside, full of decomposing flesh inside.

    Lin Chi Ling.jpg
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    All girls can look just as beautiful with short hair if they have a pretty face as most girls do with long hair. Long hair is my preference.

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