Shit that happens when you are gone.

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Unknown American, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    I am always astounded at the shit that happens when I am gone.

    Well I was gone for a month or so, experiencing my own personal drama.

    So many things happened to me when I was gone I thought getting back to my routine would be a nice, pleasant, boring, but happy thing.

    So I manage to make it home.

    Do I sit and enjoy my quiet jungle serenity?

    No the first thing that happens as I sit down is a here a yelp from one of the puppies (These are the puppies I did not know I had. They were born when I was away.

    So I hear the yelp and discover that a snake got one of our puppies.

    On the plus side the end was quick for the puppy as it did not live one second longer than that yelp.

    Fucking great I think and then I go inside and grab one of my notebook computer and set on the porch to do some Internet browsing.

    For some reason I was going through my favorites and I accidentally clicked a link. It was a total mistake and I sometimes do that because I have like a million pages bookmarked.

    So boom my exes site pops up.

    I had not looked at the site in a long time. I used to post comments on it to piss her off. But I had not felt the need to do that in a while.

    So I am staring at her blog and I realize she is talking about me.

    Turns out I was brainwashing her when we were together. I am like "Holy Fuck".

    It was very informative. I had no idea I brainwashed her. But if I brainwashed her how come she always did what she wanted regardless of how I thought. I thought the idea of brainwashing was to control someone.

    Well what the fuck do I know. I must be like a natural cult leader. It is too bad that I am a recluse and as a rule do not hang out with anyone.

    It is pity I can't use my Charles Manson charisma in its full glory.

    Hell I don't even like many people. That is all I need is a bunch of mindless idiots following me.

    So looks like the ex forgot to take her meds. I will have to have my attorney remind her that slander as something I can sue her with.

    It does not matter if I win or loose. I can outspend her on court and attorney fees.

    And now I find out I have another employee that is stealing from me. That is going to be a whoot to deal with.

    I should stop coming home. Perhaps I will run away forever.:D
  2. prissbaby

    prissbaby creepy

    where do you work/what do you do/and what is your employee stealing from you?

    (just being nosey:))
  3. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    I am currently in Belize Central America.

    I am wholesale exporter of tropical seeds. I also own other businesses.

    The employee is syphoning cash. Money- My money. That is a problem I take very seriously.

    Nothing wrong with being nosy.
  4. prissbaby

    prissbaby creepy

    he probably figured he could "get away with it" while you were away.

    cool though, I hear Central America is beautiifffful
  5. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    Yes there is no doubt it is beautiful here.

    But most people have to go trough a period of shock before they can see the true beauty here.

    The poverty down here is shocking. The Governments are busy stealing from the citizens and the drug lords control everything.

    Then the jungle has so much beauty...but so much violence and chaos, so lots of people are scared away from the rainforest.

    But I am at home in the jungle.
  6. Jaitaiyai

    Jaitaiyai Cianpo di tutti capi

    You don't need to like 'em, just fuck them lots.
  7. IamnotaMan

    IamnotaMan I am Thor. On sabba-tickle. Still available via us

    Was wondering what had happened to you UA.
    Was actually about to send u an email , but suspected u wanted to lay low for a while.

    Glad to hear u are still breathing.( Even if I dont know exactly what caused the swift exit ;))

    People keep telling me to base in "emerging markets" .But it can be alot of arseache...As I'm sure u know...
    Be careful;)
  8. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    you brainwashed me over the internet. :(
  9. YankNBurn

    YankNBurn Owner

    Hitmen cost less than lawyers and less likely to screw you!
  10. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    Yes that is correct. Your next assignment is to get the letter q taken out of the alphabet.

    Stop at nothing. If something moves kill it. Let nothing stop you from your holy quest.

    Oh and while you are out could you pick me up some cigarettes. I seem to be getting low...
  11. IamnotaMan

    IamnotaMan I am Thor. On sabba-tickle. Still available via us

    My view is always , if I'm giving someone control , let em have a piece of the action- generated on probabilities etc.But have a zero tolerance of scammers.

    But Donald Trump said the opposite.He gave a talented but shitty guy a job.He said "I'll give you 50 k USD pa , plus whatever u can rob from me.
    ( which he estimated at the same again)>

    Christ the British lawyers are the biggest pieces of shit you'll ever meet.
    Atleast a certain category of em...
    Hitmen tend to be very nice - 99.99 % of the time.But there's only really *one* way of handling a major contractual dispute with em...:eek:
  12. Jaitaiyai

    Jaitaiyai Cianpo di tutti capi

  13. stalk

    stalk Banned

    sue your ex for talking shit online?

    that's just sad. and silly.
  14. IamnotaMan

    IamnotaMan I am Thor. On sabba-tickle. Still available via us

    Speaking as an ( ex) lawyer , there doesnt look like much of a case , even if the ex was in Britain.And in the US , the libel laws mean you can get away with even more.

    "fair comment" or "mere opinion" etc are very liberally interpretated defences
  15. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    it won't be easy, but i'm spreading the message.

  16. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    Yes there is a vast fortune to be made in Central and South America.

    But most people cannot adapt very well. It is different lifestyle.

    Regarding the other: I want to post about it after I have some relaxation and can clear my head.

    A lot of shit went down in December and January. I will never be the same again.
  17. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    I think it goes a lot deeper than that, Judgmental Joe.
  18. stalk

    stalk Banned

    Everyone is judgmental!
    If you aren't..then you have neurological deficiencies.
    So what if I think this guy sueing his ex is over the top.
    If there's more details, I don't know them...
  19. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    Hey, I was just pointing out that there was probably more to it than that...sheesh, Defensive Dan.
  20. Unknown American

    Unknown American Rogue Capitalist

    Yes, I know that very well:D

    There are two problems with that though.

    First I would be the first person they would suspect of doing that. I do not need attention.

    Second you cannot piss someone off if they are dead. Where is the fun?

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