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Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by ohjinn, May 10, 2004.

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    i need a bit of advice, if someone can assist, please. my cat is very pregnant and i'm kinda freakin out. i'm not sure how far along she is, so i can't really determine when she's going to give birth. i've never been around any animals during birth before and i want to make sure i'm around for her, to help out and keep as many kittens alive as possible. does anyone have any advice on how to tell when she'll pop? are there any signs i can check for?
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    I know absolutly stuff all about cats, but suggest you talk to your vet.

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    First thing is she's going to find a place to hide to have them. If you have anything on your closet floors I suggest you move it to another place, and spread some old blankets and sheets in there instead. If you have one room where you can keep her when she gets close to giving birth lock her in there with her food, water, litter box and a nice comfy place to have her kittens.
    It's been a long time, but this is what a friend of mine did for her cat. Worked well.

    Here's a link to help you out more, and by all means see a vet.
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    A check up with the vet is advisable, and creating a den for her so you know where she is after she delivers them.
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    they are so cute and small and mewwww !!
    sorry, im insane from not having a cat and i get one sooooon....

    definately go to the vet and get a checkout for your mamakiddie. and a den is a good idea. they will hide as best as they can to have their babies. and post pictures when they are born!
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    serra you are soo adorable and I got to say I love your posts. Keep up your high spirits!!

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