Shelley Duval.

Discussion in 'Movie Stars' started by Dax, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Dax

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    Anyone know what happened to this lady? In her day she was called the "Twiggy from Texas."

  2. I'm a troll

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    from wikipedia: Duvall has lived out of public view since her retirement in 2002. In November 2016, USA Today reported that she appeared to be suffering from mental illness.[29] A segment featuring Duvall on Dr. Phil in 2016 drew significant criticism from the public, with many suggesting that Duvall's mental illness was being exploited.[30] In the segment, Duvall refused offered treatment.[30]
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  3. Pete's Draggin'

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    The Shining musta did something detrimental inside her brainpan.
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  4. Pete's Draggin'

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    I agree

    Another excellent actress for the part in the Shining would've been Veronica Cartwright.

    She was a horrific nervous wreck of scared emotions in movies Alien and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
    veronica cartwright.gif a3.gif
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  5. Dax

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    OMG! . Thanx for the info..
  6. she's a pointy faced cracker
  7. newo

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  8. Did you read his post or just look at the pics?
  9. Tyrsonswood

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  10. newo

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  11. hotwater

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    When she arrived at the set of the movie Alien (1979) Veronica Cartwright thought she was going to be the lead actress right up until the moment Sigourney Weaver showed up, and even then Sigourney Weaver almost lost the lead role because they thought she was allergic to Jonesy the cat (or I should say cats since I believe there were six of them) turns out it was the makeup she was using - and the rest is history.
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  12. It happens
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  13. you gonna butter her up, slice some cheese n' eat her?
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  14. Irminsul

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    Never heard of her.
    But I know she's in the Shining with those God awful shreeks and screams lol.

  15. Nebulous

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    Do you put butter on crackers? :p
  16. that's right
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  17. put a bit of jam on them too
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