she waits

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by thoughtless_wanderer, May 24, 2004.

  1. she waits, quietly

    outside the backdoor of a sullen mind

    lost without the key

    luminescent silhouettes

    peering outward from her soul

    a haven to house the songbird

    caught outside

    as the rain falls

    closing the darkness around her

    she waits, patiently

    the knock of her heart

    a fist on a coffin

    echoing the soundness of a mind

    interwoven understanding

    beyond whispering worries

    undefined to either cause

    still learning

    she waits, tired

    scalding experience

    burned once? twice?

    exquisite suffering bore in silence

    inevitable acceptance

    providing new perspectives

    from within
    she waits, her soul smiling
  2. That poem you got there makes me kind of nervous...

  3. I really like some of the images in the poem, but I think toward the end it kind of lost some momentum. Still, it's good.

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