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  1. HAP--xO

    HAP--xO Member

    i was just wondering when i shave i just use a normal razor, gilette venus. but im thinking about getting a rechargable electric one from argos or somewhere like that.
    I just wanted to know if there was a difference between using a normal one or a proper electric one?
    i dont want to be wasting my money on an electric one if its no different to a normal one, i just wanted to no if any ladies found any differences?


    hollie xxx
  2. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    You can't beat the closeness of a proper wet shave.

    By the very way it works, an electric razor will only shave whatever is above the skin, less a fraction that is can't reach because of the foil.

    A wet shave, on the other hand, allows the hairs to protude slightly, due to the hot water, and will then cut flush to the skin, resulting in the actual shave being below the level of the skin.

    Keep to the wet razor. Cheaper & more efficient.
  3. HAP--xO

    HAP--xO Member

    thanks for that. ideal :)

    also tho, ive been shaving for quite a while and after i will either get little red bumps or just red in the area in general. ive explained this to my boyfriend so he knows but i dont no how to stop the redness?
    ive tried shaving wiv shaving gel/cream , soap, shampoo, conditioner, e45 cream.
    ive had people suggest allsorts you name it ive tried it.
    ive also patted dry instead of rubbing the area and then applied a moisturiser.
    ive tried everything i still get red areas tho, it gets slightly annoying and i feel kinda embarressed about it even tho it doesnt bother my boyfriend.

    if theres anything else you can suggest would be very gratefull

    hollie x
  4. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    I've tried Veet (hair removing gel), but found that to be agonising on the scrotum.

    However, despite the instructions on the pack that it should not be used for pubic hair removal, I know plenty of women who use it on a regular basis. to keep themselevs hair free. Of course, the vaginal pubic region is nowhere near as sensitive as that of the scrotal skin, so perhaps you could consider trying that. If successful, Veet results in a far smoother finish that even a wet razor & lasts far longer.

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