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Discussion in 'Genitalia' started by Smokin4Peace, May 22, 2007.

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    OK ladies, tell me. How the hell do you get smooth all over? I shave down to the lips but not all around the lips. I am affraid about bumps and cuts. Any special advice?
  2. hippiechick85

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    Get a good razor with the aloe strip. Also a local porn shop or online they have this stuff called Coochie is god sent. Wil get your smoother than any shave cream or soap. as far as the lips i usualy sit with my legs spread and a mirror in front so i can really see and do it carefully.
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    I don't use a mirror.. i just do it in the shower... i haven't ever cut myself.. but it all comes off (im not a fan of body hair lol) Just have to be really careful.

    But.. when it starts to grow back, like the day after! (which sucks! but i don't have the guts to wax lol) It hurts, and cuts, to shave it again when the hairs are so short.. I'm worried as i'm going on holiday this summer, and will be in a bikini 70% of the time.. and don't want stubble!! Any ideas?
  4. toolmaggot

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    Well I tried Bikini Nair and it was probably the worst idea ever.

    Only on the front. I'm not that much of an idiot. But it still sucked.

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