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    I saw clan of the white lotus, had Gordon Lu in it also. Ok cool, will check out the rest, thanks man.
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    Breathing New Life into Everything

    This is a true tale from long, long, long ago,

    And in a land far, far away from most of us.

    Upon their beloved princess being kidnapped,

    Thirty Shaolin monks all set out to rescue her;

    Some never having experienced actual combat,

    Trekking deep into the heart of enemy territory!

    Seventeen, survived to tell the tale of her rescue,

    Helping her escape from inside the enemy's palace,

    Breathing new life, into the love of their own lives!

    Fanning the flames of what love meant to the monks!

    Affirming for themselves, that love rules the multiverse,

    Some had been soldiers who became monks to pay for sins,

    Cultivating their inner peace, the way they once had violence.

    The less busy with the unimportant the more we can accomplish,

    Rise Up Warriors of the Rainbow!

    Proclaim your beautiful words deserve the beautiful rainbow!

    These are the days your compatriots can make a difference,

    These are the days that make heroes of the plain spoken!

    If we deal with conflicting issues in communications,

    Breathing new life into everything we choose to do;

    Breathing the sparkling air the air breathes back,

    Our feet shape the earth, as the earth shapes us!

    Signs everywhere, big changes are in the wind,

    Our fate appears to be to either sink or swim;

    It's senseless rushing in just to sink or swim,

    Find out what it means to give and receive.

    Cultivate your skills by learning to be still!

    Toiling in circles, screaming, and shouting!

    Walk the walk while yet talking the talk!

    Nobody being perfect, we all begin again!

    Nobody without sins casting any stones!

    Neverending Armageddon must implode.

    Our humanity, must be reborn yet again!

    Childhood's End, is upon us, once again!

    Never neglect to remember, who you are,

    Never underestimate, your contributions,

    Never dishonor love you have been given!

    Never disappoint your mother and father;

    Never underestimate the human potential,

    Never underestimate, who you can become!

    Never forget, the sparkling path before you!

    Never take your eyes off the One True Prize!

    Never let yourself wander, far from the path!

    Never lose the greater path beneath your feet!

    Never forget our rainbow follows everywhere!

    Never forget gravity is the source of lightness!

    What can rain down upon us all from on high!

    What can sweep all the world, by gentle storm,

    What can make it all work out right in the end;

    What can best celebrate each new day dawning,

    What can make our new day worthwhile again!

    What can save our futures, for new generations!

    Is the one thing everyone has to give one another,

    Is the one thing that nobody may buy with money,

    Is love, sweet love, compassion, and understanding.

    Is mama calling, and papa yet being our rock of ages,

    Is mama's frequently strange sense of love and humor;

    Is papa's rock of ages defying even unbalanced gravity!

    Is the nurturing of faith, in our own personal humanity.

    Is accepting and embracing, our own miracle to believe in!

    Is acknowledgement, we may know that we know nothing,

    Is awareness, that we are ever greater than we may imagine,

    Is awareness, the wondrous surprises can just keep on coming.

    Is the certainty, in always remaining able to laugh at ourselves.

    Spread the message, to any seeking light at the end of the tunnel!

    Spread the message, to everyone attentive to the sounds of silence!

    Follow your hearts never allowing even Gods to come between you!

    So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love,

    For we are the world, we are the children, of the One greater light of the truth!

    Dancing delightfully upon invisible moonbeams, within the sounds of silence,

    Our words take on a life of their own for all to celebrate rebirth once again,

    No power in the universe could ever destroy our faith, hope, love, and joy!

    Childhood's End is upon us once again let our most beautiful words sing!

    If blooming lost in a desolate desert a rose is still a rose by any other name,

    Ugly Ducklings remain astounded to discover they've always been the swan.

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