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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Kali810, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Stock 9850

    Stock 9850 Member

    I’d like to watch my mrs get laid, by a few guys on stage ! Also do a wet t shirt competition
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  2. deanpulse

    deanpulse Member

    My wife and I had sex on our balcony at this resort while another couple was on their own balcony a few feet away, it was really dark, we’ll never know if they did or didn’t see us, but it was a huge turn on.

    We have a long bucket list...
    - sex in a parking lot
    - sex in changing rooms
    - facial in public
    - we’d love to get a stranger to come over a naked picture of my wife
    - threesome
    - blindfolded
    Etc etc
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  3. Michael1985

    Michael1985 Member

    Having intercourse with a woman just once. I know, I'm pitiful.
  4. tkm954

    tkm954 sub

    Having butt sex with an AI while it does my taxes.
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  5. Vabeachbud

    Vabeachbud Member

    Dude.... that is the saddest thing I’ve heard since I had to put my cat down. Surely some one will bone you. I’d help you get this figured out if I was your friend. At the place where you are...I recommend just to start being more straightforward. Engage a woman you like in a conversation and ask her politely a personal question. Nothing to crazy...just break the ice. If she answers or asks you a question that’s great. If she dodges, move on to another one. If she answers you, and seems open to a chat.... engage her more openly and remember to listen to her. Don’t resort to telling her you are a virgin unless you are out of options. And finally...ask! 1 our of every 10 will probably oblige you.
  6. Vabeachbud

    Vabeachbud Member

    My bucket list is to be the third wheel in a sexy bi threeway with people I am interested in fucking.
  7. Michael1985

    Michael1985 Member

    All I have to say is that some people find a suitable romantic or sexual partner, and others never do.
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  8. Vabeachbud

    Vabeachbud Member

    Don’t believe that. You can do it
  9. gooddude10

    gooddude10 New Member

    Get a blowjob from a gorgeous lady boi. Not a dude with a wig, but a passable, BEAUTIFUL lady boy.
  10. Briggs Family

    Briggs Family Member

    all our sisters want to learn fistfucking
  11. Curiousguy96

    Curiousguy96 Member

    My bucket list from the top of my head (sure there's lots more)

    1.Sex in woods or a park
    2.Gf wearing skirt with no pants on a date and having a quickie in public
    3. Fisting
    4. Being fisted
    5. Mmf and mff threesome, sharing the woman and sharing the guy
    6. Sex in car
    7. Receive bj or hand job while driving
    8. Make a porno
    9. Go down and cleanup my own Creampie
    10. Mile high club
    11. Sex in same room as another couple having sex
    12. Receive anal
    13. Receive a creampie
    14. Share a dick with GF
    15. Medium/hard-core bondage involving an anal hook in my gf
  12. la Principessa

    la Principessa Old School HF Member

    I've done the sex outside stuff. In a car, just out in the open, in a pool, etc. I'd like to try some bondage though. I've mostly done the in public sex with my exes who were guys. My current girlfriend never wants to lol
  13. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    I don't have such a bucket list. Though if a genie could grant me sex with any woman I have ever met, I could come up with some names.
  14. Marni

    Marni New Member

    We just discussed this idea this week (bucket list for sex), and having sex in the water at the beach seems like a great idea.
    At the moment me and the wife are trying out condoms for the first time in nearly 10 years.
    Is it possible to have sex in the water with condons?
    Otherwise I will just need to practice pulling out ;-)
    I have a screen shot of the bucket list from OP, so thank you for putting up this thread.
  15. Casa

    Casa Member

    Watch wife have sex with another woman.
    Have sex with wife next to another couple.
    Have sex while being watched by crowd .
    Watch wife joining in on beach sex.
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  16. Gene London

    Gene London Member

    Sex on a beach bed - I might try soon, maybe steal a sheet from the room :)
    prostate orgasm or combination prostate massage/blow job
    Depending on how prostate play goes try pegging
    eating my own creampie in a 69 with my wife on top
  17. KerrBear

    KerrBear Member

    I didn't previously have a bucket list but I love this and have some great ideas from folks!

    Sex on a balcony
    Mile High Club
    Sex on the Steps
    Sex on a boat
    Spend a weekend at a nudist resort
    Oral in a public place
    Sex in changing rooms
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  18. JoeyTribbiano

    JoeyTribbiano Member

    all what you're saying are just fantasy in the back of my head ..
    not even close to reality .. :|
  19. bekkie

    bekkie Member

    My boyfriend and I have discussed number 11 and might actually do that one if we got the chance.
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  20. Deejay88

    Deejay88 Member

    Which ones have you done

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