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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Kali810, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. hifilady

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    I knocked out one of my bucket list. I had a crush on one of my friends in high school and almost 20 yrs later we get in contact with each other and after talking on the phone and computer for a few months I met him at the airport and he had a layover and we had sex in the car in the parking garage main level while people were walking and driving by. and we have been together ever sense!!
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  2. cockring

    cockring Member

    Doin it in front of people, that does sound intriguing! I wish it were ME that you met at the airport! ;-)
  3. cockring

    cockring Member

    Tell us more about this bucket list, if you will. :sunny::sunny:
  4. silk896

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    Mile High Club -- but has to be in 1st class!
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  5. Orison

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  6. Si69

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    bukkake - having a load of guys shoot all over my face/mouth and lick them all clean.

    Probably never happen but can dream.........:)

    Simon :sunny:
  7. hifilady

    hifilady Member

    I have lots of ways on my BUCKET LIST I want to do. like here are a few....
    I want to join the MILE HIGH club is one, then in a dressing room, in the water fresh or salt doesn't matter, on top of the hood of a car or truck any kind, out in the open field somewhere, what are yours??
  8. cockring

    cockring Member

    To make a home movie, have someone we really trust record it, so we know it wouldn't be published! Lol Out in a field, or in the woods some place like you said, and on the beach are the ones that pop in my head!
  9. Willy Blue

    Willy Blue Senior Member

    Have done a couple of the above, one word of caution with the open field though, watch out for dogs, I was in full thrust mode and approaching discharge once when a dog sniffed my arse, its cold nose between my arse cheeks resulted in my hips thrusting forward a little to forcefully and my female companions haed ending up perilously close to a cowpat. A nasty nasty misfire then occurred which resulted in flailing legs and arms and sadly brought an untimely end to the proceedings.

    Creepy crawlies trying to get in on the act also are a passion killer.

    As for the car or truck bonnet, please ensure the handbrake is firmly applied for obvious safety reasons, there are laws against shagging on the bonnet of moving vehicles.

    Otherwise go for it and enjoy.
  10. hifilady

    hifilady Member

    cool thanks for the tips that one with the dog was good made me smile lol!!
  11. cockring

    cockring Member

    Dogs are good for bustin in at the wrong moment!! Lol
  12. thought it was cockney "Do you fancy a bit of Jason?" (Jason Bourne = porn) :afro:
  13. sex on balcony was great.. when u think the neighbours might hear (and probably did), I'd like to think the vocals might have turned them on and maybe some people also had sex or masturbated because of us..
  14. enhancer13

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    Noticed you have a ffm threesome on your list, but not a mmf one! Why is that?
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  15. Si69

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    Ok done that - only with four guys but was hot. Also done double penetration since - which easn't as hard as I had imagined.

    Being fucked standing up is another one to do.......

    Simon :)
  16. buzzgunner

    buzzgunner 180 grains of diplomacy HipForums Supporter

    I have a list like that (literally!) and it would keep me busy for a while. It contains well over 400 entries: actresses, singers, musicians, models (erotic & otherwise), porn stars, former co-workers, old high school classmates, relatives (by blood & by marriage), and just regular friends & acquaintances.
  17. buzzgunner

    buzzgunner 180 grains of diplomacy HipForums Supporter

    After re-reading the OPs original list, here are the ones of those that my wife and I have done:
    • Sex in a car Yes, multiple times (different cars, front and back seat, and on the hood and trunk.)
    • Sex on a balcony Yes
    • Sex in the woods Yes, many times
    • Threesome (FFM) No, not FFM, but yes to MFM (multiple times, but always with the same guy)
    • Sex in public places Yes, including sex in front of a group of complete strangers
    • Sex on a boat Yes, multiple times
    • Sex outside under the stars Yes, many times
    • Oral sex with an ice cube in mouth No, but I've fucked her with ice cubes inside her pussy
    • Oral in a public place Yes
    Additionally, we've done the following:
    • Fucked on the beach
    • Fucked in the ocean (I don't recommend it)
    • Fucked in the ocean, while SCUBA diving (not as much fun as it sounds)
    • Fucked in a lake
    • Fucked in a (deep) stream
    • Fucked in a hot tub
    • Fucked in a local cemetery, at night
    • Spit-roasted her (during a MFM, with me in her mouth and our friend in her pussy)
    • Nude photography (I have hundreds of photos of her)
    I'm sure I'm leaving out lots of other stuff, but that's what comes to mind at the moment. There are still plenty of other things I'd like to do with my wife:
    • Fuck on a plane ("mile high club")
    • Fuck on a train
    • Fuck on a bus
    • Photograph her being fucked by another man
    • Watch/photograph her being fucked by a big dog
    As she's approaching 60 and I'm well over, it's clear that my bucket list will never empty.
  18. TBayJD

    TBayJD Member

    My wife and I tried this for the first time last week. It was really fun! Having the lady at the sex toy shop help me pick out the right blindfold was part of the fun :)
  19. Deidre

    Deidre Visitor

    Re-enacting a porn video would be interesting. Depending on what was involved.

    On my bucket list:

    1) Get over my hangup with swallowing
    2) Put a pole in the bedroom/take pole dancing lessons and surprise hubby. [​IMG]

    That's it for now. lol
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  20. Goander

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    Making love in a summer rainstorm

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