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Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by grim_rebel, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. grim_rebel

    grim_rebel Member

    Four days ago I had sex six times in less than 24 hours, today I had sex twice in less than two hours.

    My weenie hurts. :&
  2. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    Lucky Girl!!

    my man gets sore when I make him cum a lot too. Usually he has to take a day's break after having sex a few times in one day.

    Put some ice on your unit and you'll be fine in a few hours!
  3. smilez

    smilez Member

    You are my idol!
  4. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    Better be careful, overuse can cause it to fall off... :eek:
  5. Jabbawaya

    Jabbawaya Member

    Oh yeah and... uh... cause it to turn green.
  6. grim_rebel

    grim_rebel Member

    That be boolshit mon! It can't fall off...can it?

    And today i'm probably gonna have sex a couple times too hahahah

    But it's all with one girl, I love her...

    And headymoechick, she tells me her pussy hurts a lot too... God she's so tight, the head of my peepee goes red for a night.

    Who here loves morning sex?
  7. smilez

    smilez Member

    I lvoe morning sex. What better way to get your day started!
  8. grim_rebel

    grim_rebel Member

    Yeah, it's me at my most primitive.

    Seeing my girl's bare shoulder beside me, her facing away, her sweet lips slowly moving just gets me going...

    hehe three cheers for morning sex!

    Oh another confession is that I've been clean for five days now!

    No nothing, cigs, x, pot, blow, booze, nothing! I hate pride, but i can't help feeling something like it now... :)
  9. smilez

    smilez Member

    Congratulations Grim rebel. That's wonderful! Keep up the good work.
  10. hiro

    hiro pursue it

    I love morning sex.
  11. mynameiskc

    mynameiskc way to go noogs!

    good going. that sounds like a good couple of days to me! been there before. it was AWESOME. though i did ache a bit.
  12. BrokenHunny

    BrokenHunny Member

    hehe-- lucky
  13. grim_rebel

    grim_rebel Member


    Lately though i've been really trying to go for quality as opposed to quantity. Wouldn't you guys agree?

    I mean, sure it's fun going at it like rabbits but that's all it really is. But fuck!!!! I've realized that the more i like someone, and i absolutely love this girl, the faster I get off! Do any of the guys get that? It's better now, it's even better the second or third or any after the first time around. But i'm going to work on just going at it for an hour or longer, it was always easy with the sluts. But with someone you love? It's so much different... I guess it's a humiliation/respect thing. With girls you don't respect much, you tend to do more humiliating things with them, there is less intimacy and imagination involved; hence you are less... I guess, aroused. With someone you love though, there are so many more thoughts and sentiments involved, it's hard to focus on the *ahem* task at hand.

    Oh well, wish me luck. I think i'm doing well even though we joke about me being minute-mike. BUT I SWEAR THAT'S BULLSHIT!!! I LAST LONGER THAN FIFTEEN MINUTES EACH TIME. But seriously, it's kind of her fault too. I make love to pleasure her and time our orgasms together. Is it really that bad if she comes in less than a minute or two? With no foreplay? It takes two to tango...

    But next time, i'll make her cum again, and again, and again... hehehe. Peace guys. :)

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