sex on my period :|

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by hippy i am, May 25, 2007.

  1. hippy i am

    hippy i am poppy seed bagels

    OHMYGOD. I am so mortified. I was having sex with my friend earlier today and I thought I was no longer on my period, so I was all for it, right? He starts fingering me and then we start having sex and then he gets up for a second to re-adjust and he was like, "Shit!" and I asked him what was wrong and there I saw it... I fucking bled all over his goddamn bed! Argh, I think he kick started my period. Man, it was horrible. Can anyone relate? :eek:
  2. hippy i am

    hippy i am poppy seed bagels

    I guess no one can relate. Unrelating bastards.
  3. LuckyStripe

    LuckyStripe Mundane.

    Unless I have really really bad cramps I don't mind having sex on my period..... just put down some towels... it's not like blood doesn't wash off. :shrugs:
  4. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    Well, love..what can I tell ya? These things happen.
  5. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    To ahve sex during oyur period is greate!
    Many women get much more horny when they have their menstruations.
    yep, there is as a rule blood when you ahve your menstruations, maybe time for guys to see what awomen go through every singel month, of herlife, wakuping in the morning, and AAAAAAAARGH!! blood on her panty when she pie..
    not like one is well akaen at that time and it take some seconds to just recall "ow i am not dying, i have my menstruation and thats where the blood comes from" but aint funny anyway, to se and feel it all the time.
    So whats the problem because the guy get a pic on it too?

    Because it is taboo?
    I thinkn it still is.. like girls dotn exactly parade when at work or school they got to go to the toilet to switch pampers.. hidding it as much they can in their ahnd or under the manchette, and thats why ultra thinn libresse sells so good: nobody must see you have them cause it is such a shame for women to have their menstruations!

    BUuuuH! you have your shit again! and finger pointing with it and a big laugh from men..

    Thats the general attitude. If oyu got a wound, and it bleed through the bandages, people will say poor oyu, if it bleed through your pants, people wont tell oyu and you will be the laugh of all.
    Why that?

    So having sex is no shame, and having your menstruation is no shame, and having both at the same time is no shame at all.
    If you are ashame to show your bf you are a woman and if he cant take the most caracteristic sign of a women in you, then maybe he should be gay.
    It is evident that having sex during menstruation will be bloody,
    so what?
    aint going to do like soem extreeme jew sects who crave that women who have theirmenstruations go bth everyday in very big bath specially for this and finger thems elves deep inside and get controlled after by a women, and brush all their body and hairs and nails, and like that for over a week, until the control lady stemple her clean again..
    nice huh?!
    and then she is alowed again to can touch bread..
    Thats the other extreeme, but your reaction is nonetheless a part of this taboo about menstruations.
    If he dont like it, tell him thats what he ate the 9 month it took his mum to conceive him, and thats go for all men and women.
    Without it, he will be dead. or had never been.
  6. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    We now what you go through. Nice one minute,mean the next. PMS is a bitch, isn't it, baby?
  7. some people dont mind that - and besides its a fairly safe way to make sure theres no little ones around in 10 months time
  8. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    Yeah, that's true.
  9. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    This is a myth made by macho like you who do not respect women and like to put them down and are full of taboos liek the one i mentioned above, and who help keeping womens menstruations a taboo by wisling that kind of injurious comments to them!


  10. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    Oh! so thats how you do it.
  11. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    Don't fight with me, love.
  12. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    I wont, but this is about having sex during menstruation, not about menstruation..
  13. gottssunfire

    gottssunfire Member

    And now that we're back on topic I'm just gonna give menstrual sex two big thumbs up, but don't forget the towels on the floor and a glass of water so your boy can wash his mouth out.


  14. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician


    That wasnt about oral sex during menstruation...:drool:
    I think the girl will be horrified when reading what you said..
    but you made a mistake:
    If the guy gave her oral sex while she had her menstruations, it must be because he likes the blood, or dreamed of some first hand vampire experience..
    in that case, he can just lick his lips. :reddevil:
    Why use towels and a glass of water?
    A glass of wine, maybe, to end the dinner..:lol:

    Did I said that??

    You bet I did! :jester:
  15. hippy i am

    hippy i am poppy seed bagels

    I mean, I think it's gross. If I were a guy, I wouldn't have sex with a girl while she was on her period. I don't even like my periods, much less would I want to fuck a girl if I were a guy while she was on her period. Nope.
  16. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    Well, you can be horny and want to have sex wether you have them or not, so if the guy dont want to because he dont like the thought you have your period then he is not good to be with.
    If you dont like to have sex during your period, then dont have.
    As you dont have sex when you dont want to have sex, thats simple.
    Now maybe you dont want to because you feel ashame, as you show it in what you said first.
    You wanted to have sex and was enjoying it, but its only when realising that you still had your period that you got horryfied, prooving that its more the concept and taboo you have about it that stop you than what you like or want to.
    In short you have been brainwashed through social interactions togehter with millions others.
    To consider a woman as dirty when she has her period is a very old concept who has been used to opress women through ages.
    And thats not surprising that even if we are in 2007 and wear libresse (lol!) the concept is still hanging that it is shamefull..
    Talking of libresse look at their add where you see that girl at the airport saying goodbye and then having to strech her pants a bit, cause the pamper got glued on her skin.. and thats why you must use their brand, to dont look like a fool and be put in "such a shamefull situation that your lover could know that you've got oyur period and therefor are a woman and not a plastic doll" shame on you baby!
    Got to keep the appearances..
    Like girls dont fart, only men does..
    And Barbie dont come in packages with mini libresse, could be embarassing ...its not cinderella, too much real.
    The week before your period, the level of hormons in your body grow exponentially and fast, meaning all women get horny like hell.
    It begin to fall during the period, but still is very high.
    Only usual pain and uncomfort does that it can be not so cool to have sex the first days, but there is no reasons why to dont do so, after that.
    Hormon level is down to the half after, so why wait?
    It is your blood and your body, so dont be ashame of it, even if oyu are not ready to admit officialy that in fact you are.
    All the society is build like that that having your menstruation is shamefull. I dont see it as being taken as a natural part of being a woman, anywhere.
    Only between girls and women, and even there it isnt always the case.
    Those taboos have long roots in the human subconscious and are not to get rid off before very very long.
    BTW, why do you think that lipstick are red, and sexy dress are red?
    Dont underestimate the power of instinct and symbols of life and power: blood is red, and in symbolism the color red is equivalent to the color green who is also a strong symbole of life and youth.
    I will not suggest you to force you to ahve sex when you have your period as what you feel about it is based on ideas and view about menstruations who are themselves based on millenaries old taboos, so it can be difficult to get rid of it just like that.
    Nonetheless, I will recommand you to exercise yourself to look at it in a different angle and ask yourself why in fact it disturb you.
    Maybe it is the fact of having blood coming out of you that is disturbing and not having sex during that time.
    And that you cannot control this blood coming out of you and dont like to be put through this every months, and found it dirty, and scary and disturbing.
    Which is normal.
    It is true that there isnt much logic in being build up inside every single month year long, from age 13-14 to be fecondated and all is there to nourish a baby, and loose it after a few weeks all the time..
    and like that for 30-40 years.. thats lots of energy and ressourcs taken from the body of a woman and psychic unbalance to go through for something that aint going to happen in over 90% of the time...
    and the hormons level change she go through also affect the gravitation sens, so thats pretty dizzy, - ask an austronaut about it - they tried what women feel each month. Between sea and space sick.
    Thats the hrmonal effect on the part of the brain that control gracvitation sense, meaning that oyu can locate your self geographically, and know what is up and down, and can feel if you are stand up or lay down, and if you are falling down or standing still, and if you are up on your feet or up on your head, and thats why women feel weird and sick all that time.
    Hormons also affect the bones sytem and marrow, and have a destroying effect on womens calcium and bones.
    Therefor the pain in the legs and back.
    And also in the cranium, and jaw, and lumbar, and hips.
    It also affects muscles who got like an acid attack, get warm and heavy, and painfull, and the circulation of the blood is changed, and the body is alls tressed up because it feels it is losing a part and that a wound happened so it prepares for infectiosn and to stop the blood coming out...
    doesnt sounds logic nor natural either..
    And the contractions of the uterus, make the stomach contract too, and the warmth of the womb got all the intestin to get very warm too and give stomach pains and diarrea, every month, dont sounds natural either, and the contractions of the uterus while all the package comes out, can be so painfull that it makes te body cramp onit, so that the contration stay like that for a long time and create very strong pains, together with cramps in the muscles of the legs who seems to follow for some mysterious reasons, and all that doesnt make much sense at all, and mean a woman is very sick every month, and soem months dead sick, with fever and all.
    It doesnt sounds antural at all, and maybe thats why it is taboo, because it is frightning for humans to dont know why things are that way.
    Some other times periods can pass just like that without much pain nor inconveniences, and are just something to get over with fast, and here if you have sex it cannot be a problem, and doesnt have to be made into a problem.
    I mean, it is problem enough as it is, no need to frame it.

    Thats not because it isnt funny, that we also have to be ashame of beign in pain and having a real hard time, nor to accept to be rubbed the wrong way about it, nor to have to hidde it.
    When men are wounded, they show it with pride.
    When women are wounded, they better hidde and cry, cause men dont acknowledge women suffering as being real.
    Therefor this taboo, about period too, she isnt really suffering she is just being a sissy.
    All of those things combine can give a not very good sexual experience while having menstruation, because they influence us one way or another.
    So it isnt so much the physical part who is a problem, as you wont ahve sex in your period if you were in apin anyway, but more the psychical part who play a huge role in it, of feeling inferior by meen of being menstruated, as the ancients already told every little girls and women for as long as human memory goes..
    As prove the words clean and unclean, pure and unpure.
    I dont know who created menstruations, but the guy must have been a nasty bastard.

    Hope all that answer some of your questions.
  17. SunStoned72

    SunStoned72 just kidding

    Don't so it while your visiting someone else's bed etc. If you are in a place where you can clean up without burning the sheets than go for it. You wont get pregnant!
  18. ethereal

    ethereal Member

    hippy_i_am.... totally been there, can can fully understand your mortification.
    its one thing having sex on your period... tolerable, although i prefer not to myself, but then actually not being aware of it is quite horrid. its happened to me twice, once where i thought it had ended, (and hadnt), and once where it started whilst the act was being played. twas not fun, and i was a lil (ok, a lot) embarassed, but luckily my boy didnt seem to mind. surprising sometimes how understanding boys can be. hopefully yours didnt take it too badly?
  19. hippy i am

    hippy i am poppy seed bagels

    He was like "oh shit, I'm scarred for life" and I was just like, "fuck you" and I left his house.
  20. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    Oh,'re horny 24/7, am I right, love? lol

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