Seven months late and they still haven't dealt with Arrivals !!!

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Vladimir Illich, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Vladimir Illich

    Vladimir Illich Supporters Lifetime Supporter HipForums Supporter

    We've finally determined to test people flying abroad at the airport, only eight months after the beginning of the Corona virus, and this only applies to departing passengers, no-one has yet dealt with those arriving from abroad !!!

    Pre-departure Covid-19 testing facility launched at Heathrow Airport

    Oct 19th 2020 1:55PM
    A pre-departure rapid Covid-19 testing facility has been launched at Heathrow Airport.

    From Tuesday, the facilities in Terminals 2 and 5 will initially offer tests to passengers travelling to Hong Kong and Italy before they fly.

    To start, the facilities will offer LAMP testing and will expand to offer antigen testing in the coming weeks.

    Unlike PCR tests, which are used by the NHS, LAMP and antigen tests can be processed without being sent to a laboratory.

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    Announcing the launch, aviation services company Collinson and logistics firm Swissport described the pre-departure testing regime as the "crucial next step toward keeping the travel industry moving while limiting the spread of the virus".

    The private test costs £80 and aims to provide results in around one hour, with passengers interested in using the facility required to book a test online before making their way to the airport.

    The testing facilities will initially be open for four weeks.

    With countries around the world adding the UK to their list of high-risk countries, we need to find a way to work with governments, leading travel brands and other commercial entities to safely open up travel out of the UK

    David Evans, Collinson
    The announcement follows the launch of Collinson and Swissport's test-on-arrival facility at Heathrow in August, which is still sitting empty as it has yet to gain Government approval for use.

    Heathrow's chief executive John Holland-Kaye said: "These facilities will make it easier for passengers going to those countries to get a test and have the potential to provide a service for arriving passengers.

    "Ultimately, we need a common international standard for pre-departure testing, and we welcome the UK Government's recent announcement that it wants to take a global lead in establishing this.

    "We will work with them to make this happen as soon as possible, so that we protect livelihoods as well as lives."

    Earlier this month, the Government unveiled a task force to develop a coronavirus testing system as a potential way of easing quarantine restrictions for arriving passengers.

    David Evans, joint chief executive officer at Collinson, said: "With countries around the world adding the UK to their list of high-risk countries, we need to find a way to work with governments, leading travel brands and other commercial entities to safely open up travel out of the UK."

    Cathay Pacific, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airlines all fly routes that now require pre-departure tests.

    Virgin Atlantic's chief executive Shai Weiss said: "As long as the 14-day quarantine remains in place, demand for travel will not return and the UK's economic recovery, which relies on free-flowing trade and tourism, cannot take off.

    "Half a million UK jobs depend on open skies and a fully functioning UK aviation industry.

    "The Government's global travel task force must act swiftly to replace quarantine with passenger testing in November."

  2. Angelmama

    Angelmama Angel Lifetime Supporter

    Don't worry. Trump says, "The China Virus (notice how I did that? It's something China did, so NOT MY FAULT!)will magically disappear. And if you get it, DON'T WORRY;it's no big deal. I had it and I'm fine. Of course, I am the most healthy president in all history, and did more for the Blacks than Abraham Lincoln... But you'll be all right. Believe me!"
    I wonder why I don't
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  3. phil1965

    phil1965 Members

    The whole testing thing is a joke, I read an article at the begining of October and it referred to the government bringing in the 14 day isolation period after returning from abroad. In it a senior police officer from the Met admitted that in London alone they had from the end of August when the requirement came in, something like 15,000 people who were supposed to be visited to ensure they were abiding by the 14 day isolation, the Met he admitted had so far checked less than 3,000 of them!
    I often wonder if certain rules are being changed not because they are no longer required, but because the powers that be are unable to enforce them, it's like the whole testing thing, they simply cannot cope with what actually needs doing so rather than admit they can't manage they simply alter the rules to suit their capabilities, not the way to handle things I'm sure you'll agree. The safest thing we can all do is use our own common sense and deal with it as best we can. I mean, some of the rules are plain stupid, remember the one about having sex that was given out about a month ago, apparently it was safe to have sex with a stranger providing you both wore masks! Now excuse me if I sound a bit thick here, but if I have to keep 2 metres away from others and should avoid physical contact with anyone while out shopping etc, then why is it safe for me to leap into bed with a stranger, providing of course we bothe wear masks, incidentally there was no mention of wearing a condom!

  4. Funny how its the same people that call Trump a moron that hang on his every word

  5. There were several countries in Europe that did an incomplete job of handling the virus from the start, on purpose

    Dont you get yet that UK was one of them?
  6. Vladimir Illich

    Vladimir Illich Supporters Lifetime Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Prat !!! - yes that was the whole point of my thread - its taken more than eight months for this scumbag Government to begin testing people GOING abroad, but the stupid bastards are still not testing everyone ARRIVING from abroad !!!
  7. Angelmama

    Angelmama Angel Lifetime Supporter

    You mean he actually said that?
    I was being satirical...
    Old Forrest, I suppose, must be even dumber than I imagined!
  8. I'm kind of wondering why 10 months later you are still surprised and angry at that though

    It was kind of obvious

    Italy had the strictest measures in Europe at one point, every other countrys' response compared to that, easy to gauge
  9. wilsjane

    wilsjane Members

    I don't think that if the virus got as far as your reproductive organs, either of you would have the energy to be jumping up and down in bed. ;););)
  10. Angelmama

    Angelmama Angel Lifetime Supporter

    I would think that any mucus membranes exposed to the virus would do the trick...I wonder whether it could infect your eyes.
  11. Xyzobomb

    Xyzobomb Members

    Finally nearly 11 months late he is thinking of making people isolate in hotels if they fly into this country.
    Talk about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.
    This government goes from one cock up to the next.
    If I didn't know better I would think the whole thing was a massive comedy sketch show.
    They are Unbelievable .

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