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  1. FinShaggy

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    I went to Doctor Louis B. Kasunic in Castle Rock today because I have been throwing up for the past few months. When I got to the office all of the nurses treated me well. I even misplaced my phone, and all of the nurses helped me look for it and even learned my name, and were pleasantly asking "Did you find your phone yet?". Eventually one of the nurses found it so they brought it to me, and gave it to me.

    I sat in the Doctors office for a short period and while I was waiting I moved his skeleton into a captain Morgan stance, using a radio in the room to prop up the leg, and propping one of the hands on the hip bone. The doctor entered and we started talking. He told me that he read I had been throwing up and asked how often. He put an emphasis on "when" the vomiting started. I told him it had been a long time, and there was no way I could really pin point a time. But he insisted that I gave him a specific time, but I told him I couldn't. He was almost angry with me for not picking a specific time and kept pushing sentences like "It was around the beginning of the year, correct?", even after I repeatedly told him there was no way I could know.

    He asked if I had heart burn, and I told him I wasn't sure what that was, and he explained it. I had experienced it before, so I told him "yes". He started listing things that I would need to stop drinking like orange juice, soda, etc. And told me that he was going to write a prescription for oxycontin for pain. I told him I did not want a prescription, because I already had a prescription for marijuana because of hip pain I have been experiencing since I was a child. He seemed to get angered when I mentioned that, and it almost felt like he was trying to persuade me to choose oxycontin. He asked in an angry tone "Who prescribed you that?" and I can't remember my Doctors name, so I gave him the name of the place my doctor works. He told me that he had experience with a patient that had been hospitalized due to the vomiting brought on by marijuana smoking, and assured me that oxycontin was a much safer alternative. I told him that cannabis is actually known as an anti-nausea medication, then he literally put his hand in my face and said loudly "You don't tell me", as if to say "I'm the doctor here, you shut your fucking mouth". I replied saying calmly "You can't talk to me like that". And he yelled "We're done here." and opened the door and pointed for me to leave. Then called the police without telling me, and the nurses were nice enough to inform us of that (because they were polite the whole time), so we left.

    I did not bring up the topic of marijuana, and it was in no way my goal to persuade him that marijuana was a better medication than anything else. He decided to ask me if I smoked cigarettes, knowing damn well that the chart in his hand said no I don't smoke cigarettes, but I smoke weed. He wanted to pick this fight. And I want to warn the world about his malpractice.

    Physicians are not gods, their jobs are to speak with you to find out what is wrong, then work with you to decide how to fix it. I didn't even want to talk about Cannabis or any form of prescription with this Doctor and he not only refused me treatment, but treated me like less than a human being. I would expect someone with a doctors education to be able to handle small talk and discussion, but apparently not.

    But I'm sure you can go there with a opiate addiction and some good insurance, and he'd treat you much better than he treated me.

    I do not want anyone to do anything bad to this man, he probably makes life bad enough for himself, or else he wouldn't have to put his hands in his patients faces like an angry teenage girl.

    But if you would like to leave a simple prank phone call, or send a fax, send me a PM and I will give you his information. I really want to waste a lot of this guys time over the next few months, unless he wants to apologize, or give me back my co-pay (that's not the whole point, it's just the principle of the matter. He owes me reparations of some kind after treating me that way).

    The information I think I am allowed to give on Bitcointalk is this (please tell me if I am allowed to add phone number and address)

    Dr. Louis B. Kasunic: Board Certified Family Physician (Not for long)
    Castle Rock, Colorado
    Castle Rock Family Physicians

    If you are ever board one day, look them up and send a fax, or set up an appointment, or just ask if his refrigerator is running. And I'm not positive, but from what I could tell he seemed like the kind of Doctor that hands out prescriptions like candy. That's not my cup of tea, so I'm not going to try to find out if he is. But if he wasn't coming down on some kind of drug, then I don't know what was making him treat me that way.
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    You sound kind of immature Shaggy. I doubt anyone is going to join your quest for personal revenge.

    Doctors HATE when a patients ask about meds or suggest in anyway that they may know something. The doctor's attitude is "fuck you, you didn't go to medical school". Many doctors are assholes, you acted like you knew what you were talking about, this is why you were asked to leave. That does not mean the doc was not an asshole, but you need to learn the right way to deal with him. Stroke the ego and don't be annoying.

    As far the weed, you need to remember the medical community as a whole does not like it. Since day one at medical school this guy has been in the pocket of big phrama. My mother was a nurse you should see all the stuff they give out with a drugs name on it. Pens, bags, free lunches, you name it they do.
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    grow your own prescription drug..
  4. jimmyjoe1

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    My ex and I took our newborn(born at home) to get him checked out. The doc was pretty nice until he found out we wern't married. Looked at her and said-" well,at least you know who the father is," shaking his head with a disgusted look." Prick. Lesson learned,Fin.
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    im getting tired of this bitcoin spam

    consider that a final warning

    and stop copy/pasting your stupid shit from site to site ffs
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    stupid title is against forum rules too
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