September 3rd

Discussion in 'Protest' started by Casperthesheet, Aug 25, 2005.

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    Someone sent this to me...I figued that this would be a good place to post.

    On september 3rd
    If everyone would agree NOT to buy gas just ONE DAY it would have a significant impact on the fuel industry and those greedy bastards wouldn't make sweetheart deals so easily with politicians who have stock in their companies. Gas prices have risen dramatically but incrementally in the last 4 years to allow us to "adjust" to the new pricing structures so we think that these prices are "normal" (smacks of government intervention somewhere there; that's the way they do things / not all at once; just a little at a time). I imagine that a lot of politicians are really fattening their stock portfolios now right before they retire. No specific names but you know who they are. Hong Kong is opening an investigation into price fixing as we speak.

    What is really sad about this situation is that the price of almost all goods will rise while our paychecks will remain the same and that when the gas prices do come down (if they do) that the price of goods will not lower. I see a SEVERE impact on our economy from this situation with little effect on the wealthy who will benefit from it from their increased stock portfolios and use tax shelters to offset their losses in other areas.

    So, if anyone is listening... Lets have a NO GAS DAY and take some of those profits away. They know they can't make it with just the rich man. They have to have the poor and middle classes sweat to make the economy work.

    just ONE DAY can make all the gas comanies bankrupt of you can just get oover half the nation to not buy gas that day. you preach about how you want change and wish you could do do this.



    so post about this please TELL YOUR FRIENDS ANYTHING I DON'T CARE just get the word out if you really care about yourself and your so called freedom.... "

    Copy and paste this in your journal, forums or any other well read place to spread the word.
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    Okay, if we don't buy gas on September 3rd, we'll be buying gas on September 2nd and September 4th to compensate for missing a day.
    What's the point?
    If we just bike, carpool, skateboard, roller-skate, or hell, even walk, then we would be eco-friendly and slaughter the capitalist pigs in one fell swoop.
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    Actually NJ just raised its minimum wage, but i don't know about other states.

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