Selective mutism?

Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by gEo_tehaD_returns, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. snail

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    You need to start off small. You can't just go full force and try to convince yourself that you don't have this problem anymore. Try talking to a couple people, then gradually work your way up to more people and situate yourself in groups of people. This will take time.
  2. spectrum54321

    spectrum54321 Member

    i can so totally relate.

    i've seen someone who said i had 'hyperfocus' which meant i focus too hard on one thing at a time.

    i wonder if i have lazer vision!!!!!
  3. spectrum54321

    spectrum54321 Member

    sorry that was completely not matching the mood here, just showing a bit of humor throughout the thread

  4. Silbo

    Silbo Member

    I can relate to alot of these feelings aswell.. but im starting to get over it and deal with it. I must admit though that i am not quite as bad as how some of you have described, but i am pretty insecure about myself when in public or uncomfortable environments and act unlike myself when under these certain conditions.

    I just want to wish you guys luck with it, give it time i guess, i know its a pain in the ass but i guess you could call it all a big learning experience because im sure you have learnt alot about yourself and people in the process, i know i have.

    I just keep telling myself that everyone is different, there is no normal and practice makes near perfect :)

    Peace out Peeps, make it real!

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