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    Is anyone else itching to look thru the new seed catalogues, and pick out next year's garden? i have a few packets of seeds that i've saved and tucked safely away too! there should be seedy saturdays coming up (those are always fun!) the days are starting to get longer, the earth is renewing, it's getting closer to spring. :D

    what do you plant?
    who do you order from?
    which seeds do you save?
    how big is your garden?
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    Ive benn selecting seeds from the books,.and started growing seedlings (trees mostly,some veggies but more veggies in a month or so)under my lights.

    Its so fun to plan out the garden especialy when we are in the middle of a snow storm(8 inches so far with more on the way)
    green healing thoughts
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    HAHA...have to laugh as this is what I was doing about an hour ago.
    I got the Gurneys catalog with a 25.00 coupon, and sat down and picked out some stuff.
    Something new this year will be sweet potatoes for us to grow.
    And I ordered some blueberry bushes.
    Also ordered some old standbys.
    Maestro peas, Mr stripey and Lemon boy maters.
    Will try some of the newer "Healthmaster" carrots...more vitamin A than others.
    I do save alot of my own seeds though and replant from them each year.
    Squash, melons, peppers.
    I ordered some brocolli seed.
    And the sweet potatoes are Beauregard...better for northen gardens.
    We had a 20x 34 ft garden last year but this year will use that for cole crops and leaf crops.
    We will plant another area 40x70 with tomatoes, squash peppers corn and melons as the sun is better in that area.We will also put up a wooden fence around this one. The other has a metal fence with a solar zapper attached to 3 wires around it.

    I also order from territorial seeds and Pinetree Gardens.
    Any natural herbicides or incecticides from Gardens Alive.
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    Last year, I ordered some seeds from Nichols. Mostly herbs and flowers. I bought most of my vegetable seeds from a local garden shop. I saved some seeds from peppers and tomatoes. I am hoping to plant more this year. Last year was my first attempt at Florida gardening. It was a bit tough. There are more pests here than I am used to and it gets so hot that a lot of plants struggle in June, July and August. I just have to readjust my planting schedule. I am hoping to get some things out this weekend. I will also start my tomato and pepper plants in a few days.
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    Seeds always have amazed me!!.
    One seed from a Tomato or Pepper can grow into a plant that bears so much fruit.
    It's winter here and yes i'm bored!! hahaa. I'm going to start some Thai hot peppers inside soon.

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