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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by pepper301, Jan 1, 2005.

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    How long should you keep seedlings under flouros before putting them under 1000w lights?
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    flouro's provide alot more nutrients and alot less heat, i'm not 100% sure myself, but i imagine you'd keep the flouro's on them until you plant the seedlings, 3-4 weeks...
    ..might want a 2nd opinion
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    lites dont provide nutes, & floro's suck for growin but they are good for rootin clones.

    Fluorescent lights definitely have the widest range of spectrums available(you can buy blue spectrum and red spectrum lights), but also have weakest intensity. The more "intense" a light source, the further down into the foliage that the light can penetrate; which results in a better yield. Generally, most growers use fluorescent lights strictly for the early stages of a plant's life. The intensity of fluorescent lamps is not intense enough to promote vigorous flower formation.
    straight from the grow bible!

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