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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by SpaceGirl, May 29, 2004.

  1. SpaceGirl

    SpaceGirl Member

    I dont know exactly what I am seeing but my guess would be energy. It's not an aura, im pretty positive about that. There are two different energies(?) that I am seeing.
    The best way I can describe what I am seeing is this: Find an LCD screen and make sure the background is all white by either opening a Notepad or something like that and make it fullscreen. Now wave your hand slowly back and forth with hand completly open. You see these grayish white funnel like things following the tips of your fingers. Thats about 90% of what it looks to me when I look at objects.

    The other thing that I can see is this. When people walk by me or when I wave a pencil in front of me, they/it make a trail but not a faded trail, a consecutive trail. Ill try my best to help you visualize it.

    <---walking that way
    .OOO <---head
    \|/// <--arms
    .||| <--body
    / \\\ <--legs

    *the white dots are supposed to help space things*

    Thats the best way I can show you what it looks like. There is nothing above or below the person/object, just what I have drawn there. And the trails are light gray when following the people and still for somereason retain some of the color of the object when I wave it in front of me.

    If you need me to elaborate more, I will gladly do it.
  2. kinda like tracers?
  3. SpaceGirl

    SpaceGirl Member

    What are tracers?
  4. like a trail or blur behind moving objects...only seen them in really psychedelic states of mind.
  5. SpaceGirl

    SpaceGirl Member

    yes, kind of like that, but i dont have to be in a specific mode to see it, i can see it all the time.
  6. SpaceGirl

    SpaceGirl Member

    I have never had any or been around people that are using pyschedelic things. I've only been to two concerts in my entire life which both included adult supervision so no chance of it being around. Party wise, I'm not much of a party person, and if I do go, it usually consists of cake and pizza.
  7. SpaceGirl

    SpaceGirl Member

    Its possible that I may not be seeing energy at all maybe something else. Its just been there for a long time (the tip of the finger thing) not anything new. The only new thing that started happening was the trail that keeps following people/objects. I only started to notice that this year, I was'nt looking for it becuase I didn't know what it was.
  8. Moonjava

    Moonjava Senior Member

    I've heard of people being able to see auras before so I think it is possible to see energy. Does this freak you out in any way?
  9. SpaceGirl

    SpaceGirl Member

    Don't auras have color though? because what I see has none.

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