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Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Ganjaman420, May 9, 2004.

  1. Ganjaman420

    Ganjaman420 Member

    I always wonder if every one here is really secretive about your toke sessions. I know that you always gotta be kinda secretive outside ur house because of pigs but liek at your house do you have to hide it from my parents. Do you have to like spray cologne and do the whole eye drops and mouth wash thing every time you smoke? I sure do well i use to when i wasnt on probation cause i havnt been smoking much latley. just wondering
  2. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    lucky for me I have vaporizer, I use it all the time in my dorm room and never have to worry about a towel under the door, a fan or open window, its great. I'm not too secretive without the vaporizer. I don't use sprays or eyedrops.
  3. Like TreePhiend I too have a vaporizer. We still put a towel under the door and blow the vapor out of a poofer though, guess we're just on the safe side. At my house I don't have to be secretive about smoking either, both of my parents smoke daily. I put Clear Eyes in if I'm just completely baked off my ass and I have to interact with some sober people, but other than not really.
  4. cotter builds

    cotter builds Member

    im pretty secretive, ive got axe body spray and visine with me at all times. i only use them when im going home or to school. other than that, i dont give a damn who sees my red eyes or smells that reefer....but when in the process of smoking i get so damn i cant stay in the same place for more than two bowls. when in a car, i wont even hold the stuff up if there is a car infront or behind the woods when i smoke, i always take a different way back. gotta love paranoia
  5. Shamrock

    Shamrock Member

    out of all my friends, I'm probly the most outgoing about my toking. I will willingly walk down the street smoking a joint.
  6. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    i'm most secretive at my house because if i got caught by my parents, i'd be outta the house (i've been in trouble before). i'll tell ya what i do. my house is two floors (well kinda three, the top one is a loft). anyways the bottom floor is a furnished basement and the floor above that is the living room, kitchen, etc., where most of the living is done. so i just go downstairs, open up the door and blow the smoke outta that. all i do after that to cover up the smell is go wash my face and rinse my mouth out with water. i don't get red eyes too bad. i just have to be quick and quiet so my parents or little brother don't decide to come downstairs.

    other than that, i'm not very secretive. i'll smoke driving in a car or walking down the street. if people don't like it, fuck em (and hope they don't call the cops).
  7. garf12

    garf12 Member

    Im not secretive at all....but I dont live with my parents. I goto school 300 miles from home, so no worries here. Thats far enough that you dont have to worry about any surprise visits.
  8. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    I smoked in my attic before I got caught. It was sealed off so I didn't have to worry much about the smell. But when I smoked in my closet I did the whole towel under the door thing and sprayed stuff everywhere and burned incense. My eyes only get red when I smoke shitty weed so I don't really have to worry about that...
  9. aztecpiece

    aztecpiece Member

    i smoke with insence burning and i blow the smoke into a fabric softener. then I spray axe everywhere and wash my mouth with listerine.
  10. Jointman69

    Jointman69 High Nigga Pie

    axe is how you get caught people, if you or your room reek of body spray then people are gonna know whats up!

    up til now ive been pretyt secretive wiht my smoking, find a secluded woods spot or chill in my friends apartment(we dont have to be secretive there)
  11. fuck no.... i'll smoke anywhere anytime.... whats to be secretive about..... :rolleyes:

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