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Discussion in 'Old Hippies' started by Curious_Jane, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Hey Guys,

    As I become more aware of life and how fragile it is I become more in need to slow things down. The good times just don't seem to last long enough!!! and when we are faced with a difficult or sad situation they seem to linger on for weeks. So I would like to know any ideas on how to have a more peaceful life and how to make the bad situations not last so long. Life is to short to be miserable... If I know this what am I doing wrong???

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    its hard to avoid it all. and peace isn't neccesarily always happy. you gotta take the lumps with the good stuff.
    i get by a lot of problems by ignoring it. otherwise i won't be the chirpy person who cheers everyone else up right? i just know that i gotta seem happy otherwise everyone else will feel unhappy and it goes down in a nasty spiral!
    so... by being happy, you'll get happier. and by being unhappy, you'll get unhappier.
    another way is to vent it through an art. my favourite art is my music. if i'm upset, i try not to write depressing songs, but songs that explain a situation, and leave people open to their take on it. blues is great for this. the music isn't particularly nasty or depressing, but it lets you put an emotion across without depressing everyone else. yet again, i'm not letting other people get upset, cos that'll just upset me. try it. tell me what way you're going to sort it out or vent it

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