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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by Rickyyy92, Oct 8, 2013.

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    The pressures society places on people these days is unbearable. I am experiencing the pressures first hand. Most people go there whole lives listening to other people tell them how live. I am guilty of this myself. Going to school for something I don't want to be, working a job I hate. All because someone told me that's what is expected of me. Well I'm tired of living my life through others and it's time to start making my own life decisions that truly reflect what I want. I want more than anything to travel, and to visit communes that have like minded people inhabiting them. I wish to live in harmony with nature and live a wholistic stress free life away from society. If anyone knows of any communes or has interests of traveling cross country in search of communes please let me know.

    I'm currently living in North Eastern Ohio by the way....
  2. I am too. I've already released all that weighs me down.
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    Have you considered permaculture? I was planning to go back to school for massage therapy--- but then I realized that it would be ultimately useless, and far too expensive to waste money on. I turned to permaculture for when I finally do get land, or for when I finally get to Panama (Who almost instantly give long-term visas to people with agricultural backgrounds). It will also never be without its uses, whether I have a quarter of an acre, or whether I have a hundred acres. At the very least, it assures me knowledge of how to make the most out of what land I have.

    Best of luck!

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